Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Michael Jackson and rich people's problems.

I guess most people in this galaxy (and maybe the one next door) would have heard about Michael "I shared my bed with children" Jackson and his lawsuit by now.

Anyway, Jay Leno was asked by the defence team to testify in court and in the end, it did not help Jackson's case one bit. I think we can safely say, it backfired.

Jackson's team wanted to paint the kid and his family as a money grubbing bunch, and therefore effectively casting the idea that the kid was doing all these for money. And Leno was supposed to further strengthen this point. But Leno, due to the "I swear to tell the truth, and nothing but the whole truth so help me God" oath he took, said the boy didn't ask for money.

Uh-oh. Alleged molested boy 1. Wacko Jacko 0.


But one good thing is coming out of this entire court case. Jacko will not be inviting boys to share his bed anymore.

Asked if Jackson would continue to share his bed with children, Bain referred to
an earlier statement by the singer in which "he indicated that he had learned a lot (from the case). He said he's never going to put himself in this position again."
Or so he says.


Actually I don't really care about the court case or Jacko. I just wonder if the Michael Bashir's documentary (the one that discloses MJ sleeping with children) brought out the paranoia in people. So bunking in the same bed with children will inevitably mean improper behaviour? So if a man looks at a cute little girl for a minute too long, he's up to no good?

Then again, I also wonder about how delusional these nutjobs "bigshot celebs" are. They are up to their eyes in millions and they can have everything money can buy. They get so self absorbed and then lose themselves in Fantasyland. They can be in their pyjamas and stroll into a court hearing late. A multi-million dollar mansion on the much coveted hills of Beverly Hills is not enough anymore. Gold bathroom fixtures are too common. A mansion with a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and a 10-car garage is not enough.

They have to go ahead and build monstrocities like the Neverland Ranch. Complete with a theme park in the backyard.

A bit much, isn't it? Apparently not. Cuz Bill Gates got his own island theme thing going on in Seattle.

And we haven't even brought up their "problems". Alcohol abuse, nasty coke/drug habit, "my parents don't love me enough" problems, "he/she/they/it earns more millions than I do" problems, "I'm not the top of the A list and people don't love me enough" problems etc.

Sometimes it's good to be normal people like us.

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