Friday, May 20, 2005

MSN 7.0 Beta.

Sometimes I really hate the asswipes at Microsoft.

I tried signing in to MSN Messenger when I got online but this window "you must update in order to proceed" appeared. I really really really don't want the update because of all the negative features it has, like stopping you from transferring music files. Very Big Brother, trying to control what you can and cannot do.

When I wanted to log on, I was forced to download the new MSN 7.0 against my will.

And when the damn thing couldn't connect, I had to use the damn website to upgrade my MSN 7.0.

Such a major pain.

This is soooooo wrong. Where is my right? I have the right to use my old messenger if I damn well want to. Why am I forced to download the new one so that I can start messenger?! It's like if I don't upgrade, I can't use it at all.

Outright blackmail.

When all their customers migrate to Apple's Mac OS/Linux, Microsoft's dead. And you need to know this, Mac OS is much much more stable than Windows because it doesn't crash. And Linux is free and stable.

But it's not easy to convince people to migrate. The power of marketing.

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