Sunday, May 15, 2005

No more reality tv.

After doing my assignment non-stop, except for meals and toilet breaks, I'm exhausted. I'm hurting in places I never knew existed.

God I'm falling apart.

While waiting for Star Wars 2 to screen on tv (8.30pm), they are showing some reality tv shit now. The X Factor.

I hate reality tv. Yes, as much as I love The Amazing Race, it can get irritating at times.

The X Factor is simply a ripoff of the American Idol. I hate that show. I hate all the artists they churn out. I hate Australian Idol. I hate Singaporean Idol.

Down with Idol!

It's the GRAND FINALE tonight and they are having a FINAL SING-OFF between 2 remaining groups/contestants.

The X Factor. My gawd, there's this group in the final 2 that's aiming to be the next Boyz II Men. Crap. All that harmonising crap. Complete with all that cheesy and puke-inducing finger snapping shit.

They call themselves Random.

The other guy is aiming to be the next "Enrique Inglesias meet Rob Thomas meet some other guy" guy.

Now all the contestants, including booted-off rejects, are back together singing. Pretending to be some funky church choir, and singing acapella and off key.

I so wanna smash the tv right now. I shall refrain from doing so cuz I still wanna watch Star Wars later.

I hate the judges. Where's all the originality?! Striving to emulate the judges on American Idol is piss weak. The ONLY female judge went something like, "They are all so talented and I just wanna cry right now. They have come so far."

Notice the American Idol judges' formula? Stupid fako Paula-wannabe.

The X factor is a dumping ground for the Australian Idol rejects. If you can't succeed at Australian Idol, try The X Factor. If you can't get into that, join the next reality tv show coming your way. My goodness, it's an endless cycle that we viewers have to endure so the rejects can have a shot at stardom.

And these competitions are just sooooooooo damn irritating. Like Singapore Idol. I happened to be back home when they were showing the FINALE. Sylvester VS Taufik. It was the first time I heard them sing. And it was the last time I ever wanna hear them sing.

Sylvester is an ugly mofo who happens to butcher Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" on national tv. Taufik just happens to sound a little better than Sylvester.

There, I just said it.

I just don't understand why we have to choose a winner between 2 losers.

But it's a good thing in a way. At least by choosing one guy, we're ending the fucking show forever, the way it should be.

Well we don't have to hear them sing, but we still have to endure watching them on telly because they got offered endorsement deals. Sly was appearing all over the damn place when I was still back home, plugging toothpaste ads etc. And everytime he's on tv, I cursed in front of my family.

Thank god I left the country soon after.

Couldn't take it anymore.


In other music-related news, The Backside Backstreet Boys are back. I don't listen to the radio here in Sydney so I don't know much about the music scene nowadays. After checking some website to see what songs I could "sample", I saw Backside Backstreet Boys on the chart.

Some song called "Incomplete".

Err... Didn't BSB retire years ago? The last time I heard anything about the BSB was when I was still 15. Shouldn't they be Backstreet Men by now?

I tried downloading sampling the song but like all things I tried to "sample", I couldn't get the song.

Incomplete. What an apt name.

Stupid flying f***.

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writhe said...

dude, for someone who hates reality tv, you sure do write a lot about it in one single post! anyways. i hear ya! down with reality shows! [except the amazing race]

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