Friday, May 13, 2005

Notes from all over.

Actually it should read "Notes from all over from me".

Had a haircut yesterday and decided to venture to the biggest bookstore in town, Kinokuniya. They have so many things there, and I nearly bought a Hello Kitty in kimono mobile chain thingy (AUD$22). I have a tendency to "decorate" my phone, and I have way too many dangly stuff on my phone. So even if I have the slimmest coolest phone Earth has to offer, it will still look clunky with all my Hello Kitty stuff dangling from it.

Hello Kitty in Kimono!

I sooooo want this to hang on my phone..

I saw quite a few Batman figurines and Youyuan popped into my head. He is STILL named "Batman" on my cellphone. I took many pictures of Batman and hope you like it, Youyuan! That's if you still come to this site. =/

Batmans posing.

The Joker.

Mini Kubrick Batman

I know they are blurry... but that's the best I can do with the camera on my phone. Forgot to bring my digital camera. Don't always carry it in my bag.

I saw THE thing at Kinokuniya. The REAL Star Wars 3 lightsabers, complete with serial number and carefully placed in a clear glass case for all to drool at. Sadly I drooled far too much to take a photo of it. It's ok, I shall go to town and take a picture of it sometime this week. Those 2 babies cost AUD$649.99 each.

My table is a gigantic mess. My writing table seems to be shrinking so I decided to move the dining table over and join them up. Now I have this huge table and I've somehow occupied every inch of it. I need more space.

The Dining Table Part 1.

The Dining Table Part 2.

The corner of my writing table.

Look at my magazines...

I've got more but these are the 2 "visible" ones I can find on the table. This is a mess my family wouldn't approve of.

While writing my previous entry on friendships, I devoured 6 heavenly cookies. I am not supposed to due to the self-imposed diet which started yesterday. Long story short, I saw the size of my butt in the mirror while trying on a pair of Levi's.

Arnott's Mint Slice.

The Disappearance of 6 Cookies. But damn those mint slices taste gooooood.

Another food worth honorable mention is the Dean & Deluca's German Berries.

Dean & Deluca's German Berries

Look at those "berries"!! It looks like real berries but it's not. I got fooled when I got it. It's actually candy made to look like real berries. It's chewy and once you've started, you can't stop till your halfway through the entire can. I know cuz I ate half a can of fake berries before I stopped.

It's ok cuz I've got another can in the food cabinet. Backup. *grinz*

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