Wednesday, May 18, 2005


PS3 is out.

It'll be in stores next year but the details and actual console are already out. And I have the pics to show for it.

Playstation 3
The System,The Specs,The Games...

Damn I just have a new PS2. Nevermind.. 1 year is a long time and it doesn't really matter by next year because I would have gotten a job by then. Hopefully.

PS3 (chant with me!)



All I want for Christmas 2006 is PS3. And maybe a bag. And a holiday. And shoes. But for christmas 2005, I'll be grateful if I get PSP. And bag. And shoes.

Actually the list is long. How I wish wishlist is big in Asia. Then my friends and family, should they want to get me something, would get me something I like instead of things they THINK I would like.

But it's ok, cuz I love all of you all the same, great gifts or not. Or no gifts at all.

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