Friday, May 13, 2005

Pure disdain.

After writing the previous post, the surge of contempt for my secondary school overcame me and I've decided I shall not waste any time. I've decided to channel my rage into my writing.

My secondary school. I spent 4 years there, caught up in the "I'm not good so I must mug harder" cycle. It pushed me to my limits and I consistently came in 3rd or 4th in my class every semester in Year 1 and 2. I was tired all the time. It wasn't good and I had a Panadol habit in Year 3. I had headaches all the time and starting popping Panadol.

Anyway one of my classmates went mad (I'm not making this up because I'm not her) and had to defer school for a year. Apparently according to her, the entire school was ganging up on her and scheming against her. I'm not sure if she had violent thoughts though.

In my school everyone had to join some sort of sports or groups to ensure we had a "balanced" (read: equal amount of stress academic and non-academic wise) education. I joined Girl Guides (as mentioned previously) and I realised how fake it was. I hated it from the bottom of my soul and being, and you should know that there is no bottom in my soul and being cuz it's a bottomless pit.

People were doing all the goody goody stuff and taking up leadership positions not because they cared, but because of all the glory that came with it. President Guide, being the highest award is awarded to the best Girl Guides the nation produces every year. I snicker and shake my head because it epitomises and celebrates the fakest do-gooders. Volunteering at shelters and nursing homes, completing tasks and etc. just to get the damn badge and certificate from the President. The sham....

If you are really the kindest soul that you believe you are, do all the volunteer work without expecting a badge at the end. Start at home. Help look after your poor sick grandparents and help tutor underpriviledged children for free.

The uniform was a nightmare. We wore white sleeveless tops that looked like pillow sacks over white pleated skirts. And the skirts couldn't be 3cm above the kneecaps, which made everyone looked shorter than they already were. No fancy expensive watches, and by expensive they mean over $100. They had to be small and black so they don't stand out. No colorful schoolbags, no fancy socks. The worst thing of all, everyone had to have short hair. No more than 3cm below the earlobe. Everyone looked like a button mushroom with a weird cap. We were the bane of almost all secondary schools. We were like the biggest dufus alive.

All the announcements were in 2 languages, a bit like the dvds we have now. One in english and one in mandarin. My god, it was like the principal was demonstrating her prowess and grasp of 2 languages. Multilingual and shit. Discipline mistresses roamed the hallways and would randomly pull you aside to measure your hair and your skirt with the trusty ruler they carried on them.

It's like Communism on the school campus. You are being persecuted for being different and thinking different. Having a class teaching creativity is a major contradiction the school failed to see.

I hate it so much I want to burn the entire school down. Alumni? Forget it. I don't ever want to associate myself to this school again and may it lack the funding to refurbish itself for all eternity.

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