Monday, May 02, 2005

Sad year.

This has been a rather sad year for everyone. Seems like people around you keep passing away. What a bad way of putting it.

I know I'm not eloquent but that's how I feel.

A distant aunt of mine passed away on Saturday. And although my family is unbelievably large, I'm actually close to these distant aunts of mine. I remember spending every weekend at her place since I was little (toddler, I think). It's a sad sad thing... cuz her cancer suddenly spread and took a turn for the worse. Sigh...

And today, I heard another bad news. A dear family friend (if I could put it that way) passed away this morning. Cancer too.

I'll always remember the times I went to his office and we would have some nyonya food, the times he asked me to try some fancy schmancy egyptian dates, and his collection of foreign coins and bills. I'll remember that despite his status, he had a cranky tv that needed "warm up" time before you can watch anything on it. I'll remember him speaking Hokkien mixed with English. And how I always whined about not bringing my digital camera and taking pictures with him and his plaque. It would all be so cool.

I guess that's all not possible now.

I will miss them. I hope they are in a much much better place now. I will never forget them.

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