Tuesday, May 10, 2005


For most of my posts, I write in gist. I hardly supply details and bibliographies etc. because I'm not a professional writer/journalist and I never will be one. Unless I get employed as one of course. So for this ENTIRE post, everything is in gist. Don't message me privately and tell me how Israel/Palestine conflict goes way deeper than what I make it out to be. Don't.

Anyway I don't get war. I know people get angry and feel this need to thump the life out of another person to feel better and reassure themselves that they are right.

"You disagree with me? Why you little $!@*#&!!$"
*throws punches and grenades*
"Die, just DIE!!"

Sometimes 2 countries go to war over land. Like Israel and Palestine. One side claims that they deserve to "expand" into their neighbour's backyard. The other fights back. Thus starting the endless mindless suicide bombers, car bombs, roadside bombs and whatnot on both sides.

"You snuffed 10 people on my side, I'm so gonna make you pay by snuffing 20 people on your side."

It goes on and on and on and on... the TRUE neverending saga.


Sometimes people go to war to fulfil a certain complex of theirs, like George W trying to show his dad he can whack Iraq too. Free the Iraqi people, my ass.

Under Baddie Saddam, people had jobs, clean water, power and all other basic infrastructures to boot. Albeit the fact that people could get arrested for stupid reasons and be executed. Saddam's Gestapo troops would strike terror but at least people had basic infrastructures. People actually managed to find peace and stability amidst the madness.

Now, George W and his freedom troops not only stomped all over Iraq, he also blasted the living daylights out of their infrastructures. No more clean water, fuel, electricity and jobs. And religious fanatics like the Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis are out on the streets, waving their AK47s and rifles because Saddam's Gestapo is no more.

People get killed because the patriot missiles do not really strike what they intend to half the time. It's NOT AS PRECISE as we would like to think it is. You are really unlucky if your crib is a few doors down from Terrorist Central. No wonder civilians are desperate and succumbing to terrorism. With families wiped out and their relatives left amputees, people are angry.

I don't know where this is going so, bear with me.

I pity the troops, really. They think they are upholding justice and protecting the weak while being blasted and ambushed every second they are there. I seriously think George W could have arrested Saddam without that much bloodshed. You know, send in your special forces in the dead of the night and take him prisoner. No fuss, no mess, no blood.

Then again, I don't really get Iraqis. So your country is blasted to bits. But do you really have to retaliate by whacking your oil pipelines? Sure it burns like a huge bonfire and is pretty impressive but does it actually make your country better? It's actually your money in flames, ya know.


Anti-Japanese hostilities move to Web
Chinese, South Korean hackers blamed for digital barrage

-- Anthony Faiola, washingtonpost.com

On another note, I don't get the hostility China has towards Japan. WW2 was 50 years ago. Get over it. I know the Japanese Imperial troops were vicious and pure molten evil then. Their PM Koizumi apologised. What more do they want? The Japanese Emperor to step down, kowtow and beg for forgiveness while being shame-paraded on the streets of China? I don't foresee that in the next hundred years. Give it a rest already.

The blind fury and fueled hatred of 3 billion Chinese are unfathomable.

Let's be zen.


n.v. said...

Nice bit about Iraq, Rachel. I couldn't agree with you more.

Min said...

Thanks! And how did you find me?

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