Friday, June 24, 2005

All about dogs. Golden retrievers, Brownie and Blackie.

I realise I have a lot of dogs in my house. Check out mini cocker spaniel.

Mini golden retriever.

I have 6 mini dogs in total. Yes, I ate 6 Happy Meals to get them.

Now, I have the BIG golden retriever.

It was a present and I love it. Look at the big black nose!

What I really want, is this.

A real golden retriever. I want to take it for walks already.

Look at Brownie!

It's such a lovable pup. =)

Brownie and Blackie!

They are not really my dogs, more like Henglee's. I still love them regardless. So they are half mine. Let's not dwell on such details. They were strays and he took them in. But poor puppies.. they had gone missing and Henglee went searching for them.

And he told me, some Vietnamese people (workers from the nearby factories) had taken them and ate them! =..(

What is wrong with them!?

My poor puppies. Brownie and Blackie are gone.

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