Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Chirashi sushi, asian supermarket, ode to processed food, and tasty buys.

This post is written to commemorate the end of my thesis. Plenty of mention on food.


The state of my writing desk when I was writing my fucking annoying thesis. I do work here. I read here. I eat my 3 meals here. I sometimes even sleep here.

In the last post, I mentioned Japanese takeaway. See the tiny box of food near the bottom of the photo? Here's a better look.

Can you see my delicious dinner? Damn yummy. All for the price of $12.90, delivered right to your doorstep. Chirashi sushi, the only thing I eat from this shop. It's the only thing that's good from this shop. Pictures on the menu can be misleading...

My breakfast. I've been having McDonald's breakfasts almost everyday for the past week because of the thesis. I don't sleep till it's daybreak and Mac's is just across the road from my place so I'm always in time for some of Mac's breakfast. See the background? I told you I eat my 3 meals here.


Due to the gruelling thesis schedule I don't have the time to go grocery shopping. I get takeaways occasionally, and I've been surviving on instant noodles for ages. Wah I love processed and packaged food. Just boil it, steam it or microwave it and you have tasty food in an instant.

A visit to the nearby Asian supermarket definitely opens your eyes to all things Asian. Some of the familiar things make you want to go home straight away. Anyway this shop sells all kinds of noodles (Jap, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnamese etc.), soups, drinks, cookies and tidbits (CALBEE PRAWN CRACKERS!!), sauces and all kinds of frozen food.

I think the lady boss at the shop loves me. I buy all kinds of crap there. Besides instant noodles (chu qian yi ding in ALL the TASTY flavours), canned rambutan/pineapple fruits, I bought this lor mai gai, xiao long bao, prawn dumplings and chinese glutinous dumplings thingy. I never knew there's instant xiao long bao and lor mai gai. Authentic lotus leaf-wrapped lor mai gai, not your lousy knock-out-of-tin-bowl kind. *droooooolsss*

Taiwanese instant dumplings.

Look at the itsy bitsy tiny little frozen dumpling! Damn small.

I never knew there exists such a wonderful world of processed frozen food in my life. Can you imagine having steaming hot lor mai gai in the middle of the night, accompanied with hot hot green tea?

I love this stuff.

On the note of instant noodles, I tried venturing out of my safety zone and tried something new. Indomie Mee Goreng is my thing. Now the new thing is something.. different. Not in a good way.

Indomie Soto Mie. Well, you can only appreciate its less-than-wholesome goodness after several tastings. It's an acquired taste. I still don't like this one.

I saw this, and I knew I must get it.

Fancy Japanese imported Sanrio candy. Don't know what it tastes like because I can't bear to rip it apart and ruin the packaging. I think I buy these stuff solely based on the packaging.

My source of vitamin C:

Tiny Korean mandarins. They are soooo small. Freaking sweet. Sweeter than the Chinese mandarins we get during Chinese New Year.

I'm going to say it again, I love instant food.

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