Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Disney death, MJ, jumpsuits, hauntings and phantoms.

I know I know. I'm supposed to be on this *finger quoting action* hiatus but like a drug addict, I cannot stop immediately. Need to be weaned off. =X Moreover, I feel compelled to share things with people, except of course money, yummy chocs and my PS2. Those are no-no.

Anyway in today's new, a kid died after taking a ride at Disneyland/world/whatever. Read all about it, here.

I don't think it's good publicity for the Disney corporation, since the HK Disney is opening in September. I know it's not mechanical failure but we, the potential Disney visitors, ALL want to come down alive after a ride on the rollercoaster. Really. I'm too young to die.

In other (old) news, Michael Jackson is NOT guilty! Damn, no more MJ jokes. I feel kinda sympathetic towards his folks though. I mean, NO ONE wants to get embroiled in a lawsuit, especially one that says your son/daughter is a paedophile.

Michael Jackson, a free man. I know it's old news but well, he's a free man. I was actually curious about how he looked like in the orange jumpsuit. I was wondering if he was actually sentenced to jail, would he have the gall to request for Bubbles to join him. Hmmm... *ponders for a sec*

Maybe he would.

MJ (in his soft, meek and squeaky voice): Erm.. can I have Bubbles by my side for the next 20 years here with me in this jail?

Guard: Who? What? Bubbles? You don't need no bubbles in this jailhouse. No bathtub and none of your girly-smirly scented bathworks. No. Civil rights, Californian law and whatnot do not say you are entitled to bathtubs.

MJ: No sir, Bubbles is my pet chimp. He's not part of my bathworks. Yes, sometimes we take baths together...

Guard(abruptly interrupts): Chimp? You don't need no chimp. Heeeeeyy.. baths togeth.. Just drink your water and face the wall. *Gives MJ the puzzled look and back away slowly*

Me and my vivid imagination. What would I do without it.

Not for the faint-hearted. I saw this (website link) on Tomorrow and being really bored, I went to take a look.

OH MY GAWD. I'm officially freaked out, all the way in Australia by ghost stories in Singapore. And I thought I was safe. And I've had goosebumps all over while perusing the site. Brought back some eerie experiences I had while I was in Singapore.

Leave this site, I mean right now, and go look at pretty flowers should you not want to read about creepy stuff. Toodles!


Let's huddle together while I share my horror stories with all you daring people with hearts the size of lions.

In chronological order:

1) Sentosa

I really really do not like that place. We (all 4 of us) were 15 and it was QY's birthday. Her parents booked us a nice room at Rasa Sentosa so that we could stay there. During the day, we did all the tourist-y stuff and at night we went back to the room.

Because of some law, we needed an adult to be in the room since we were all legally underaged. Anyway QY's aunt came and slept, and we adjourned to the bathroom (yes, weird place. Don't ask.) to continue all our girly chats. Halfway throughout the conversation, we heard weird noises in the bathroom. The toilet was flushing on its own.

We just shot glances at each other (all sitting on the basin counter tops) and just left the bathroom without talking much. We agreed to just sleep it off and that would be that. I slept on the couch, like a log, because the twin beds were taken.

The next morning, QY and RH told me they heard noises that night. Firstly, some man was banging the door, shouting in a gruff voice, wanting to be let in. O_O
Then they also heard someone knocking the glass door from the balcony, in a gruff voice too, wanting to be let in too. O_O It couldn't be drunk people because we were several floors up. Basket, I was sleeping next to the balcony!

Horror factor (out of 5):
2 (because I was asleep)

2) My boarding school
Part 1
It was exam season, and we were mugging. V and I decided to take a short break and head downstairs to the vending machine for a drink. It's 3 blocks away but we reckoned a short walk would do us good.

We were on our way back with our drinks when I sensed someone/something behind us. Like literally behind us. The feeling is inexplicable, and your heart pounds like it's trying to pound its way out. Anyway I was creeped out and I slowly turned to look at V. She looked at me too, and I shifted my eyes to signal to her what was BEHIND us. She nodded slightly and we ran back to our room without looking back.

Back in the safety of our rooms, we talked. She also said she felt something behind us! Freaking hell. It just meant that I wasn't imagining things.

Horror factor:

Part 2
On another mugging night, we heard children playing outside the corridor. To any other person it would be normal but not for us. We stayed in a boarding school, and we were all teenagers so there wouldn't be any toddlers playing and scampering along the corridors. Secondly, it was 3-4am at night and I don't think any toddlers would be out THAT late at night.

We just looked at each other and again, we confirmed we were not hallucinating. We decided to sleep it away.

Horror factor:
5 (nothing scares me like innocent phantom children)

I've got a few more but those didn't really affect me because I didn't sense or see anything. But the people around me did. Futhermore they cried hysterically. O_O

With such a bad experience, I wonder how I'm going to the casinos at Sentosa in future.

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