Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Exams, holidays, luggage, mismatched luggage and minimalism.

My paper is on Friday. I think I've mentioned it twice or more. But we're not keeping count here, that's not our main concern.

What's troubling me now, is that I haven't got a bag that is big enough to hold all my stuff.

I'm going away on July 1, all the way till July 9. And I have to bring at least 3-4 sets of clothes. PJs/lounging-around-but-not-shabby-like-beggar clothes and nice clothes to go out in.

In total, I need a total of 7 sets of clothing.

Currently, my Kipling bag is bursting at the seams and there're only 4.5 sets in there. I still have toiletries, sunnies, camera, phone, chargers, PS2, games, cables, another pair of shoes (maybe..) and an assorted range of stuff to lug along. I know I would have to bring a second bag.

I don't want to bring a luggage bag because it's too unglam to lug it onto a yacht. Seriously unglam.

But it is also too unglam to stroll through the airport with 2 mismatched bags. Kipling and a monogram keepall do not go well together. I want to travel light! Like those minimalistic stylo milo cool people. Like those who wear sunnies indoors.

What am I going to do??????

p.s. I sound so much like Becky Bloomwood.

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