Monday, June 13, 2005

Fab clothes and birthday wishlist captured on 1 page.

This will purely be a post on beautiful clothing. Guys will probably sleep right... about..... now.


Found this in the Glamour mag I just bought.

Fwah, I lurve this dress the moment I saw it. I love chiffon/soft billowy stuff. So nice....

Was flipping through some mags a while ago and this past issue of Vogue had some glorious stuff! I'm so glad I didn't throw away my mags.

I like the skirt. Billowy and soft. It's by Scanlan And Theodore, and it's fab.

Wah........ Oscar de la Renta. My gawd..... *hyperventilates*

The more casual version, also from de la Renta. It's wonderful... Very girly and pretty. Can lah, I can wear.

No one does tweed like Chanel. So ladylike. Can wear this to go for wedding, some dinner, or I don't know, maybe afternoon tea with the Queen.

This basically captures things I like.

  1. Cute small bag? Check.

  2. Soft billowy skirt? Check.

  3. Nice flats? Check.

  4. Nice bracelet? Check.

  5. Bright yellow bag? Check.

It's like a birthday wishlist, all captured on one page. *Swoooooooooooonss*

Damn I need a cupboard like this!

And Carolina Herrera sure does organise well. Snapped this when I was in the US. For reference, due to the renovation.

My mood brightens up immediately by looking at such wondrous, pretty things.

*over the moon*


CrystalLime said...

cool site, cool taste! and love your sense of humour too!

--- said...

they are so beautiful,
but just too expensive

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