Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Family dinner and pseudo JC Crush.

Had dinner with family tonight. Having dinner with family and friends is different. Everything tastes better.

Well, we ate at a great Chinese restaurant (Golden Century) down at Chinatown. Even Jamie Oliver eats there. So dinner had to be good.

A family friend, Uncle Chiam, brought his family along and when I saw his son, I was so shocked! Here standing before me, was a guy who looked so much like my JC crush! He's tall, boyish looking, and freaking good to look at. I refrain from using the word 'gorgeous' because people rank differently. Some ugly people appear gorgeous to some people.

Anyway, he's a spitting image of JC Crush. Couldn't stop stealing glances at him throughout the dinner. Too bad he's leaving the yacht on Friday! Otherwise I'll spend the entire time looking at him. *giggles uncontrollably*

On the other hand, what's the freaking point of looking at Pseudo JC Crush? He's only 18. =/

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