Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Harry Potter 6, cutesy letter set, bags, Monogramme Cerises, overspending and guilt.

I went out yesterday and went to Kinokuniya to check for a book (America - Jon Stewart) but I couldn't find it. I can book it though, but it's $40.

I took the Kinokuniya Winter Reads catalogue. Didn't read it till I got home. And guess what I saw?

Harry Potter 6.

RRP:$45 but if I pre-order it, I pay only $27.95! Damn, why didn't I read it when I was still in the store? Now I have to get my ass back to Kino to order it. Bleah...

Anyway I didn't get any books at all. Instead I bought 'useless' stationary.

Look at the cutesy stuff I bought at Kinokuniya today! It's Japanese onigiri stationary! Freaking cute...

Look at those stickers!!!! It's like I was back in primary school, buying unnecessary letter set to trade with friends. I think Japanese companies are out to cheat my money by coming up with all these irresistible cutesy but useless stuff.

Anyway I've been meaning to get this. Just that I can't find one in the preferred 'shortness'.

Nice sparkly bronze-colored bolero. I want!!

I always wanted to get a bag for school, because I'm a bit tired of my Kipling and Gap sling. Check them out! Can definitely fit A4 sized stuff and all my little knick-knacks inside. Great!! Except for the price.

White Tod's hobo bag. Then again, it looks just like any other white bag. Can buy similar one at a fraction of the price. At the expense of quality leather of course.

Nice floral bag.

Anyway I passed by the LV shop in the city and the Monogramme Cerises series seems to be taking over the world by storm. Almost everyone on the street was carrying them! Fake and authentic bags all over the place.

One of the newest LV thing. Cherries on the monogram. This, I can accept.

This, I cannot. So.... overcrowded. So.... ugly.


But I've decided to mend my ways and follow some Zen teaching about contentment or whatever it is. Especially after Victor pointed out how many bags I had in my closet (Sydney) right now.

"I can open your wardrobe and start throwing out every one of your bags and form
a hill out of it. Why do you need so many bags?! And you still want to buy somemore?"

I couldn't find the right answer.


I feel like the craziest overspending siao zar bor (Hokkien [Chinese dialect] - refers to a crazy woman) right now.

I want to shop. Shop and shop and shop until I exhaust myself, or funds.

I have a love-hate relationship with retail therapy. I love with because I get to buy things, both useful or otherwise, so that I can be my happy self again. There's something *magical* about holding your newest purchase. Think holding your first born. Just that now we're talking about a non-living object that you don't have to spend the rest of your life taking care of.

Surrounding yourself with nice pretty things is a GREAT way to feel happy about yourself when your dignity and spirit hit the lowest point they ever could hit. It's a feeling of satisfaction and freedom, because you CHOOSE to get it, and no one else can step in and interfere. Well, unless that someone also pays for your bills.

People exercise, hit the gym, hit the sack or watch all the DVDs a person can watch without going blind to relief stress. Not me. I Google to look for all the fabulous stuff I can lay my crummy hands on. Looking at nice things actually push me to work harder. I AIM to finish my work so that I have time to go out and hunt for these stuff.

I absolutely love shopping. "All my troubles seem so far away...."

Well, actually, no. All my money troubles come IMMEDIATELY after I make the purchase. My mom will give me the dirty look for spending like I own the World Bank, and shaking her head when she looks at my "spoils of war".

Money troubles. Damn I wish I have a part-time job or something so I can pay for some of the stuff I buy. Maybe I'll TRY to look for a job during the winter break.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things I want.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little money to spend.

Cannot. Cannot. I'm trying to stay Zen. At least till the term break starts.

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