Sunday, June 19, 2005

A letter to you.

You have really left me. Physically today. And you have no idea how much I miss you.

Everywhere I go, every thing I do, they remind me of you. Everything around me reminds me of you. I check my phone so often, half hoping that you would send me one of your sms. I can't even wash the dishes without crying because I get reminded of how you'd tickle me when I did the dishes.

You said you still loved me. I told you to stop kidding around. You said you'd show me, and tip the scales in your favour. I never told you, but I loved you too. You wanted me to bake you a chocolate cake for your birthday. I told you to "wait long long". You told me you'd show me how it should be done when my birthday comes.

Did you know I was looking forward to it, even though I didn't show it and kept telling you not to?

I never knew how much you meant to me, and how much I loved you until you're gone. You left me heartbroken. Almost beyond repair.

Someone said I have lost my soul. What a choice of words. My joy and smile have left me.

I miss you so much. I know everyone who knows you and loves you, misses you like there's no tomorrow. Especially your family.

I love you so much. Much more than we both would ever know.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you. But like everyone says, someday we'll meet again. And when that time comes, I'm going to make you your chocolate cake. And we definitely have to go get a golden retriever and name it Wolfie.

Just the way you like it.

In the meantime, just know that I'll always miss you. And I'll always love you.

More than you ever know.


AngelineakaMeina said...

Rach, I have no words to comfort u, but u need to be strong and walk out of this. I believe he wldnt want to see u trapped in this sorrow and sadness...

Anonymous said...

Dear Min (Rachel),
So sorry about your loss. As long as you remember him, he will always be with you. About ten years ago, I had lost a good friend from secondary school, who was also a similarly-aged Navy regular.
Take care,

Min said...

thank you everyone.

and yes, he'll always be with me. Just wondering, how did you know he's navy regular?

all i know is that he's SAF regular in some force. i didn't always understand all the army stuff he told me.

AngelineakaMeina said...

Rach, I think the paper did misled some thinkng that he was a navy regular.. but from what I heard from my other frens, he is not.

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