Monday, June 13, 2005

Munchies, non-GM soy and Charmmy Kitty.

Had the munchies throughout the entire day. Just couldn't stop eating. Some of the goodies I had today.

Boysenberry swirl! MMmmmmm....

Apparently this ice cream is soy based so it's ok for lactose intolerant people to take. And it's made from non-GM soy! Sounds very healthy to me...

Pretz! This is really addictive. It's not overly sweet like the regular Pocky. It's more of the salty savoury kind of cracker. 2 packs, which I wolfed down pretty quickly. Can't stop at just a few sticks.

Anyway the following has nothing to do with food but thought I show the whole world this since it's on my desk.

Charmmy Kitty. Victor got this for me from HK. He says it's a new Hello Kitty series. Apparently, Hello Kitty got a pet kitten. =) I have an organiser, which I've used since ages ago. But a cute pocket-size datebook? I like!

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