Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pork ribs, Jap drink, creme brulee, Pokemon and Iron Chef.

The presentation is over. The semester is officially over.


*punches fist in the air*


Anyway I cooked on Thursday, as a part of my stress relief therapy thing. I couldn't really stop obsessing about the presentation, which was to take place on Friday. So I decided to cook!

*Vegetarians, you might want to look away now.*

Fwah... check it out. Authentic Cantonese steamed pork ribs. Yummy succulent steamed pork ribs.

Victor couldn't stop wolfing down this, even though the chilli stung his ulcer. Ouch.

Bought some Japanese soft drink and I thought it was supposed to taste like the Japanese melon. The packaging looked nice, metallic bottle and all.

But the taste? Erm... weird is the word.


Went to the cafe downstairs for a quick bite. Decided to get the creme brulee and man, was it good! Not overly sweet with a hint of coffee. MMMmmmmmmm....

This is not the actual photo of the creme brulee I had. The one that was served at the cafe was presented waaaaaay better. It didn't occur to me to bring my camera to the cafe and even if I did, I wouldn't take photo of it. It would be too awkward and embarassing since I was sitting opposite the cashier and tons of people were around me.

Then again, I could pretend I was some gourmet expert, tasting their food a la Iron Chef style.

"This creme brulee's texture is smooth and the caramelised toffee brings a sharp contrast in texture and taste. The layer of caramelised toffee is hard and sweet, which accentuates the slight bitterness and aroma of the coffee in the creme brulee. Each complementing each other without overpowering each other. This is good."


I love watching "Iron Chef" on tv. It's like Pokemon, instead of 2 Pokemons fighting each other ("Pikachu, I choose you!!"), 2 chefs fight each other by coming up with fantastic dishes within 60 minutes using the main ingredient of the day.

"Pikachu, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The flamboyant host, Kaga. The Iron Chef host dressed in weird matador-esque garb. Very gameshow host.

He is also known as Chairman Kaga on the show. Drama mama.

Of course this variety show/drama will pack their arsenal with gifted chefs from Japan, each one a master in different styles of cooking. They will fight against challengers from all over Japan.

The 3 most "summoned" Iron Chefs, Chinese chef Chen Kenichi, French chef Hiroyuki Sakai and Japanese chef Rokusaburo Michiba respectively. Power chefs. Don't mess with them or they'll drown you in Mapo tofu sauce/foie gras/miso broth.

Now the Chefs don't just cook anywhere, especially not in hot, cramped and crummy kitchens. Noooo....

The Kitchen Stadium. Major cook-offs are held here.

Yummy food prepared by the Iron Chefs. So tasty!!

60 minutes to invent at least 4 dishes. This makes you wonder, how come those chefs at your local restaurants make you wait till kingdom come when you go for dinner. If the "Iron Chefs" and Challenger chefs can cook that fast, why can't all other chefs?

Maybe other chefs never graduate from cooking college.

The funny English translation and whatnot is another major drawpoint. Anyway the show is weirdly entertaining and before you know it, you will look forward to it every week.

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