Sunday, June 12, 2005

Prom, homogeneous fashion, and the way of Juicy Couture.

How would you feel if you turn up at the prom in your 'special' dress, all dressed to the nines and made up like a doll, only to find another girl, god forbid other girls, dressed in the same garb?

I bet you feel unspecial. Maybe even disappointed, angry and homicidal.

We all know feeling homicidal is highly possible because school proms bring out the most vicious bitches in us. Bitchfest galore, I tell you.

"Hey biatch, have you been snooping around my laundry basket to check out my clothing? That looks something like mine."

Even in your daily life, should you bump into someone who wears similar clothes to you, you feel like shredding her clothes and wrapping her with a gunnysack.

'Copying' your style doesn't pay.

Actually I find this highly amusing. Seriously because fashion is so homogeneous now. Flip through Vogue, Glamour, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar. You will most likely find similar trends in all those mags. Does it mean they are copying each other? I don't really think so, because they ALL attend the same fashion events. So inevitably, all the fashion spreads will appear the same/similar.

Of course not the same pieces of clothing in all the mags. The same concept or IT item, say bright floral totes, will feature in all the mags because it is SUMMER in the northern hemisphere. Different mags cater to different fanbase/consumers/price range and women, being the primary consumer here, will flock to buy bright floral totes.

And many people end up having similar bright floral totes, ranging from $15 to $1999(and above).

Does it mean they are copying one another?

My point is, fashion is too homogeneous across the board. It is inevitable that people dress the same, or acquire similar tastes BUT that doesn't mean they are copying one another. They are just reading the same magazines.

It's just sad people do not recognise homogeneity.

p.s. I'm so over boleros. I haven't even got them and I got bored.

Boleros went the way of Juicy Couture and Girly bags.

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