Thursday, June 02, 2005

Showoffs, degrees of separation, vindictive bitch.

Sometimes I feel angry at certain people because they claim to be something that they are not. Or claims that their father/mother/brother/whoever to be something that they are not. Oh I don't know, something like the CEO of a multinational company.

I hope they realise that the world can be a small place. And because it's really a very very small place, chances are that we all know one another, or are just a few degrees apart. Like Friendster. Yes, Friendster.

You -> your "hip" friend -> some guy -> some girl -> me.

or it could work this way:

You -> your pseudo-rich-boss dad -> your dad's boss -> me.

Yes, the world is a DAMN SMALL PLACE.


Yeah your family is filthy rich. Yeah you take SIA's First Class, with leather seats and meals served on actual china plates laid on tablecloth.

Big fuckin' deal.

How about I do this:

me -> tells your dad's boss -> tells your dad -> tells you.

I just love raining on your parade.

I mean, is it really necessary to broadcast to the rest of the world that your family is loaded? "I got cars as birthday presents for my 18th birthday!"


"Awwww she's just rich pretty girl, let's not fight and look at pretty flowers alright? She's so pretty she can write anything she wants."

I don't want to look at pretty flowers and I don't know why people have to tell the world they own the world's biggest bling. The world will not love you more (unless coming from people who adore you because of your wealth) and it will most definitely piss other people off. So rich pretty young things can write whatever they want, is it? Rich and pretty, big deal is it?

I'm being THE biggest vindictive bitch that I can be and I don't care.

Bite me.


pinkshoefetish said...

yeah well i never said my dad was the CEO of a multinational company.. I said people THOUGHT my dad was.. get your facts straight...

haha what a loser

hmm said...

wow i didn't know. honestly it does sound like pinkshoefetish was being deliberately misleading. sheesh so childish

daphne betta than u said...

u r 2 much, sayin tis kind of thing abt ppl. u r a no shame ger, jealous of everyone betta dan u.

(: said...

erm hahahaha i don't get you, why are you acting like you're bigger than daphne by knowing her dad's boss? it's not like that makes you any bigger or richer than her... and why say she's not rich when she can afford so much stuff that you can only look at?

"Designer bags. I can't afford them, but I can look at them."

haha funny

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