Saturday, June 04, 2005

Spelling, rubbish, 'z' and 'x', violence.

I truly hate the way people regress.

Granted that they are perfectly human, and capable of spelling properly due to the time-wasting (and sometimes expensive) education they received, they decide to go back to the days when spelling is for "uncool" and "unhip" people.

The short forms that have sprouted forth due to over-excessive IQ lowering sms-es, chatrooms, ICQ and MSN Messengers, are uncountable. At one point in time, short forms in sms messages were reluctantly accepted because it was simply too difficult to punch in the correct words on such small and cramped keypad.

Then it evolved into trying to type the longest message you possibly could by substituting words by numbers and using shortforms only you and your pals could understand.

Some FINE examples of ridiculous shortforms and rubbish:

  • d8 - date. Just because 8 sounds like 'ate' (I'm sure the phonetics part must be waaaaay off) doesn't mean it's ok to substitute that in. What does that make, deight?!??!
  • gr8 - great. Same reason as above.
  • "4 u." - same reason. 4 does not equal 'for'. u does not equal 'you'.
  • l8r - later. My god, it doesn't end, does it?
  • btw - 1) By the way, 2) Between.

Ending any decent words with 'z' and 'x' also drives me nuts as well. "I'm so tiredz I wanna sleepz" or "I'm so silli and dogz are cutez" or "lolx" or "frenz 4eva!" or "He shox me with a gift. Me so happiez!"

The last one reminds of Jar Jar Binks.

Now these shortforms and oversimplified non-English (or any other languages known to man) are everywhere. Such GIBBERISH drives me nuts. It's mildly acceptable (I'll let it go) when you use them when you chat with other OVERSIMPLIFIED folks. But submitting reports to me using such shortforms will not only lead to your ultimate downfall and failure in the course, but also incur my wrath so much so that I'm willing to chop you up (inclusive of genitals and the like), mince it and feed all the minced up paste to rabied dogs so there's no way of ever rebuilding you EVER again.

I sound so violent when I'm terribly pissed off. But I'm usually a nice non-violent person. Really.

Really really.



I shall write a paragraph to God(s) asking him/her/they to intervene and save all our souls.

Dear God(s), I know I shouldn't be asking you this since I am not really sure if you exist. But should you really reside in that glorious place called Heaven, I would really like to stop such gibberish from taking over the world because we both know that the world be a better place without gibberish. Sure you wouldn't want people to say this "Prayz to the Lordz!" in your glorious, glorious name.
Should you really step in and rid your beautiful creation of such abomination, I will be convinced that you exist and would willingly acknowledge your existence and give up mango pudding for a certain amount of time (approx. 3 weeks).

Yours sincerely,
The crew at

That was stupid.

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C.b. said...

What gets me is that on standard keyboards, it's actually harder to type say, "dogz" instead of "dogs" because of the location of the z key.

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