Friday, June 24, 2005

Valrhona, Starbucks, Calpis and lousy Hiragana.

While I was muggin' for my exams (actually just 1 paper so far, another one to go) and dealing my urm, depression, I munched my way through this box of chocolate.

Valrhona is my kinda thing. Godiva also can... Nestle also works. Well this baby is gooooood. Not the usual toothache-inducing sweet variety of dark chocolate.

66% cocoa! Of course it's good. Whoa... Cocoa beans of Caribbean. Doesn't matter to me anyway. I just want to gorge myself with dark chocolate. Good dark chocolate, no less.

I can't sleep for the past week. Usually I need at least 10 hours of sleep and I get cranky if I get any less than that. But for the past week, I've only managed to clock on 5 hours at the most. 5 hours of fitful sleep. Or the kind of sleep when you are actually conscious the whole time.

In order to stay sane and awake, I upped the daily intake of coffee. What will I ever do without my regular dose of caffeine?

Can you see from the photo, Gloria Jean's Coffee is just opposite Starbucks? The number of cafes along this stretch of road is just amazing.

Tall mocha, latte, chai latte. I can drink this the whole day. Some people won't be able to sleep at night. I highly doubt that since I slept through most things, e.g. house alarm going off at night, thunderstorms etc. Except this week. Again, another minor detail.

Yes. Another one of those fancy schmancy Japanese drinks.

Calpis something something. My Hiragana and Katakana are crap. I get confused far too often. It tastes not too bad, though it looks a little like cloudy plain water. =/

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