Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wrong priorities and fallen heroes.

Everyday, we see headlines like this.

Everyday, we see people suffer like this.

Read about the article here.

I don't know, but such depressing and IMPORTANT reports of the war are being relinquished to second place in the news. To make way for sensational news such MJ not guilty, and Tom Cruise professing his unwavering love for Katie Holmes.

Why are most people more concerned about TomKat's relationship than actual sufferings of the world?

I think people do not want to hear about such depressing news, or they simply cannot be bothered with a world that seems so far far away.

All this because I watched the NBC Today show at 4am in the morning. The first thing they reported was MJ. Then "In other news, [fill in number] people died in a blast... "

It seems like they (news-people, not just the newsreaders) and us (the viewers at home) have got our priorities all wrong.

I feel sorry and sad for all the soldiers and civilians who perished, and become part of a number. A statistic.

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