Monday, July 11, 2005

Aftermath of vacation, glorious food, Victoria's Secret and wobbly bits.

A little something about the AFTERMATH of the vacation. I am officially chubby, fat and chunky now. I am a certified living walking meatball.

I ate well for 10 days. 3 meals a day. And I haven't had that in ages. Food was so delicious, I couldn't stop even though I was full. Just had to taste everything. And missing local fare didn't do me any favours, since the chef guy cooked ALL the local food I miss dearly. Just had to eat them all.

And now, my arms seem bigger, my thighs are thunderous, my tummy makes me look 2 months' pregnant and my collarbones are less obvious now. 10 days of great food can do that to a person.

I didn't take photos of every meal, because that would be plain rude in front of other people. But I did take some when I was eating alone. The rest were eating at the deck, enjoying the sea breeze. I just don't like my food, napkin and whatnot flying away with the freaking sea breeze so I eat indoors.

Appetizer for lunch. Tauhu Goreng with finger lickin' peanut sauce.

Mee rebus for lunch. In the middle of the freaking sea. And I didn't know the sauce was made from fermented soybeans (chinese-style)! Damn nice.

Chicken Caesar salad as starters for lunch on another day. With fresh dressing and tons of croutons, bacon and cheese.

Freshly baked banana cake for tea.

Tell me again, why am I fat now? Just after 10 days of nutritious goodies. Surely 10 days isn't much?!


How can I look like this in the state I am in now??

I can't possibly step out in my swimwear anymore. Not with all the jiggly wobbly bits =..(

Nor can I look like this.

No more Angels with wavy locks, taut abs and lean limbs. Not that I looked like this 10 days ago. But still... a girl can dream, and work towards such unattainable goal.

Even in pjs, I won't look like this. No amount of Pilates, yoga or cardio can save me now. Well maybe a bit. Not that I do exercise. I've talked about it here.

Victor says he doesn't see any fat bits. Yeah right. Just when I thought my thunder thighs couldn't get any more gargantuan, they did grow to the size of a mammoth's. But given a chance to go back in time, I would still gorge myself silly with all that glorious glorious food. And whine about the additional weight like I'm doing now.

And writing this post, posting photos of delicious food is making me hungry. Very very hungry.


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