Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I heart Japan, McDonald's MVE and slimming mirrors.

Was browsing several websites when I came across some interesting stuff. I think many people has links to them. I think.

Oh, I happen to love Japan. Does anyone know that? Yeah, I heart Japan and all Jap stuff. Well, most of it.

McDonald's Most Valued Employee

Watching this guy do his thing amazes me. I don't know how, but... WOW. You have to watch it. If you are using dialup, go to that page. And while that video clip is loading, go take a shower. By the time you come out, it should be ready.

Watch it here.

Damn I need those 'slimming' mirrors! Apparently such things do exist. Only in Japan.

"... It's a common belief that Japanese cosmetics stores use mirrors that make the face appear to glean, while beauty parlors have looking glasses to transmogrify those peering into them so they seem either fatter or thinner depending on what the owner is trying to flog. ....... "

There are no pictures, so you just have to read it here.

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