Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lovely things, and all LV.

I know I should post pictures about my vacation but some things can wait. Plus, a lot of my pics are with my brother, and he can't give me the pictures due to a really really STUPID situation.

So let's talk about lovely things. Lovely things that I love.

My brand new love. The newest LV Antigua collection. I went to the LV shops (different stores) when my family came over, and saw this baby. When I held it in my arms, tears of joy trickled down my cheek. Well, if I could cry, I would because this baby is too cute for its own good.

Aunt nodded in agreement, so did my brother, cousin and Victor. And yet I didn't buy it. Because I had set my heart of several *cough* merchandise LV has to offer. Need to plan my tactics and attack on all fronts. Victor says if he gets a job, he'll get it for me. Bro and I agreed it's faster if I just go home, use my own bank account thing and do a covert operation. Buy it, store it, rip up the receipts, and no one will ever know. Ahhhh.... I will wait.

Look at that big gold shiny metal plate! And that soft beige leather luggage tag.... Uber cute. Damn I want this thing. Bad.

I also saw the Cherry pouchette. The 2 damn cherries on it make the ordinary (and overly common) pouchette more expensive by AUD$200 over dollars. But it's cute. It was 'pried' out of my fingers by Victor when he saw that look in my eye. Yes. That LOOK. That "I'll-pay-with-my-credit-card-and-be-unfilial-and-if-I-don't-have-it-now-i'll-cry-and-make-a-scene" look.

2 cute, expensive, flamin' cherries with smiley faces. AUD$200+++ more. There is no justice in this world.

Actually by now, most people, including my family, knows about my obsession with LV. I love it. My god, I breathe better in an LV store. All that new leather goods and clothing make the world a far far better place than I can ever imagine.

I know, it's costly and I'm better off donating the money to the poor, sick and needy. I KNOW. But everyone has their thing. Some people love Star Trek so much they speak Klingon. Some love their lego figurines so much they buy an entire box for one tiny minifig. I breathe LV. I love LV. I heart LV.

But sometimes, LV disappoints me. It saddens me to see them churn out fugly things.

One of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Really. It looks like an office trash bin. The good people at LV should really really stop doing things like this to turn away their fans.


Anyway let's channel our attention to beautiful things before our eyes get seared by ugly designs.

I love this tiny tote. In the colors bronze, baby blue, red (maybe) and white.

I think LV should stop me at its doorsteps worldwide, just like how Hermes stopped Oprah at its Paris flagstore. Because once I get in, I'm like a child with a severe sweet tooth problem in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. My "Things To Buy" list gets longer, and I can't stop holding the bag and prancing around the store, cooing at newest things (as if they are cute simian-looking babies) and everything.

Well, I don't coo at newborns. They are wrinkly. Toddlers are waaaaaay cuter.

Some people diss LV and say it is so common, even the aunties at the wet market carry them. Well maybe theirs are fakes. And maybe, you have to carry yourself well to make it not common.

I've seen so many fake LV bags in the weirdest shapes that I've lost count. And I've started doing the 'Manhattan Once Over'. Meaning I look at a person, size them up within seconds, and I can tell you if her bag is real or otherwise. Really. I just go "fake. fake. real. fake. real-looking fake. real. real. fake. fake. fake." So much so that Victor tells me that he doesn't care if their bags are authentic or fakes, because he doesn't give a flying fish about them.

I think that's enough LV talk for a while. People don't come here to look at LV bags. They go to for that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi -- thanks for the bags above!!! I just bought a Pietrini Satchel from Floto leather travel bags and luggage -- I love it -- just spreading the word!

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