Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've come across a few blogs with the "makepovertyhistory.org" banner at the top right hand corner of the screen. I've seen the tv commercials (only on cable) with Liam Neeson, telling people that [fill in number] number of children die every minute.

And it took me this long to actually put up a banner. =( And like my good friend, Cake, has put it, you don't have to donate blood/money/organs to make a difference. Just sign the petition. Do it.

It's not , where money goes to finance something else. 600k salary per annum with 12 months bonus.

Every freaking year, these 'foundations' make irritating pseudo-celebrities cry and do dangerous actics that are sometimes more irritating than the pseudo-celebs themselves. It's ok for me, because I usually put on a dvd and bypass such tv events altogether. Same goes for the local tv awards shit.

But when money that should go towards patients is used to pay such people, you just feel like punching the lights out of them. Shouldn't these management level people work for free? As in voluntary nature? Maybe some of the donations can go towards basic expenses, like office stuff etc. But 600k + 600k = 1.2mil for a guy's salary!?


Back to the www.one.org campaign.

I have something regarding the following...

Will write about this soon. In the meantime, go to and sign the petition!

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