Monday, November 21, 2005

Blinner, McDonald's breakfast, good coffee and silver lining.

The best thing about exam season is that your body clock is severely screwed up. You wake up when the day just about ends for EVERYONE else (about 5pm). You eat at the weirdest hour. And you invent new meals in honour of this glorious period of your youth.

Like blinner. I've had countless blinners this past 2 weeks.

Yeah blinner. Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner.
Blinner is the new brunch.

And the best thing that comes out of this mess is breakfast. Yes, something as simple as breakfast.

You see, I can't wake up for breakfast. Hell, the last time I had breakfast was sometime during the LAST exam season, which was late June.

And now, I have McDonald's Breakfast. Not just any toast and jam thing, but McDonald's breakfast.

I bought 2 servings. Hotcakes and Sausage & Egg McMuffin meal + a tall mocha. I think the McDonald's lady thought I was buying for 2. I am not eating for 2 either, just buying 2 meals at once. How else am I supposed to get Sausage & Egg McMuffin in the afternoon?

I would have walked across the road at 4am to get my breakfast if I had the guts. You see, I'm scared of the dark (e.g. vampires, bats, muggers and kidnappers etc.) and the cockroaches that come out roaming the streets at night.

But since I lack the courage, I had to wait till 6am when the sun came out before I made my way across the damn road for some wicked hotcakes.

Anyway McCafe is the next best thing to coffee from a real cafe. Nescafe is piss weak and tastes like detergent backwash. I don't know how people drink that.

Now, with my hot mocha in hand, I can see the silver lining behind the gloomy gloomy cloud of examinations.

I am finally in time for Macca's breakfast.

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