Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fishing trip: 5 stars fun

I just got back from my fishing trip late last night and I can't begin to tell you how tiring it was. But I have no complaints because I enjoyed myself thoroughly and frankly, I wasn't ready to board the plane yesterday.

Dampier is a very very urm.. boring place. It's a small mining town near Karratha to the north of Perth (had to take a plane there) and it is literally a desert. Hardly any tall trees and it is freaking hot. You would think it's not as hot as Singapore but believe me, it feels the same. Just less humid.

But the water off the coast of Dampier is quite amazing. The water is crystal clear and being a place where no one else on Earth goes to, there is plenty of privacy and grounds for me to do my fishing/jetskiing/banana boat activities. I've got my sunburn and the many blue-ish bruises all over me to show for it. ;)

Explored an uninhabited island. It was pretty cool... It was a small island and by small, I mean miniscule since I could easily walk from one end to the other in 20-30 minutes. There were turtle tracks all over the sand and I was told I could find turtle eggs on the island. Unfortunately I didn't find any, after much digging in the sand but it was still fun all the same.

While I was walking on the sand with Jason, we saw sea turtles swimming towards the shore. I presumed they were waiting there to lay eggs during the night or something. But it was still amazing to see sea turtles up close. They were huge!

I was experiencing a National Geographic moment. =)

I was quite bummed out about not being able to dive. But I've resolved (!!!) to pick up diving so I won't miss out on any exciting diving action in the very near future.

I hope this is not like one of my tennis endeavours. Super keen but too lazy to do squat about it. PADI, here I come!

Anyway I think I have gushed enough about my fishing trip. It's not very exciting per se, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Will write more about the hilarious things I experienced on my flight there the next time.

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