Thursday, December 01, 2005

Guys play mind games too.

Sometimes guys say the darndest things.

They say women are the ones who play mind games, and you never know what they are talking about since everything is so cryptic. That's really the pot calling the kettle black.

It makes you wonder, just how much are you supposed to believe what guys say. One minute they are your chill buddies, and the next minute they are telling you "It has always been you".

So... you are telling me only women play mind games?

Chances are, men who tell you that only have one thing in mind. And no, it's not a relationship. More like physical relations.

And these guys, buddies who hang out with you and have no qualms cursing and swearing the foulest words, are saying that "It has always been you". Despite the numerous discussions and ranking systems you have had about how hot were the girls who just walked past. Despite their (un)healthy obsessions with celebs and FHM models.

Yeah right. It could be the weed/Valium talking.

I'm just skeptical.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shall be the first to post a comment. I guess guys often have a image to uphold, the macho thing that would compromise their ego. "It has always been you" is probably something they hid in their hearts and hope that it might go away, until one day they can't hold it anymore, they'll let it out.
Of coz there are those who just wanna have sex with the girl...

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