Thursday, December 01, 2005

Online personas.

I don't know why the sudden depressing thoughts but today, I wonder should I die someday, what will happen to my emails and the numerous online accounts I have all over the place?

And the 'friends' I know online (by that, I mean on my MSN Messenger). None of the people I know online knows me in real life, so naturally they won't know I'm dead or something. Hmmmm...

Anyway, back to the whole emails/online accounts thing.

Should I die one day, I hope no one reads my emails or logs on to my accounts.

I am not comfortable with people going through my stuff, let alone private mails and letters. I know family and friends will "feel the need" to go through my stuff to know me better or help me settle mails/accounts/stuff.

Seriously, it's ok.

Ok, enough depressing talk for the day. It's the holidays and it should all be about booze, partying and long vacations. And yes, I have vacation(s) lined up.

Jetsetter wannabe!

p.s. Not making much sense here. Too stressed from the packing up and sale of furniture.

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