Monday, December 05, 2005

Packing up my life.

I hate packing up.

Right now I have to sort out all my belongings into several categories.

Things I need immediately when I get home.
Things I don't need immediately.
Things that are safe to ship back.
Things to put in my suitcases.
Things to put in my handcarry.

And which handcarry to use. The monogram bag, or my Kipling bag.

The monogram can carry quite a bit... and makes it easier for my to find my passport, boarding pass and whatnot at the airport.

Kipling bag, can be stuffed to the max and carries a bit more than the monogram. But
passport and boarding pass will be lost in the bag. Not to mention it'll make me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Of course, I don't give a flying fish at this point in time since my top priority is to ship all my belongings home.

I can't decide because I still don't know how much of my stuff will spill over and which bag will be more suitable!!

Not to mention it's Monday afternoon and I haven't found a freight company that ships to my state. Not even by sea. I have to ship my stuff by Wednesday, so basically I'm screwed. Oh fuck.


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