Friday, December 30, 2005

Radio stations and censorship.

This is my third week home, and due to sheer boredom I've started listening to the radio again. Well officially it's my 3rd week at home, even though I spent 2nd week overseas but that's just another small detail I shall not dwell on any further.

I must say, I'm not used to it at all. By it, I mean everything but for the context of this post, I'll attribute it to radio program.

Firstly, Glenn Ong and the rest of the 98.7 crew that I'm familiar with have been "reassigned" to Class 95, a radio channel I make fun of all the time.

When I was ahem, *younger*, Class 95 used to be a sappy station, with callers calling in to spill all their deepest darkest love stories and professing their endless love to their partners/crushes.
And what better way to do that than to dedicate sappier love songs with lyrics along the lines of "i'll-never-leave-you/ I'll-love-you-till-the-end-of-time/ there's-no-greater-love".

Well I made those lyrics up. But you get the idea. *Shudder*

And songs are so bloody heavily censored here! Overheard Black Eye Peas' "Hey Mama" the other day and when the phrase "This that beat that makes you groove" came on, I went "HUH!?" in my loudest possible 'huh' voice. (My JC friends are probably used to this. Apparently I do this very often.)

It's different to the lyrics I sing to in my bathroom karaoke sessions. I went, "Not 'this that shit that makes you groove' ?"

And just now, James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" came on. "Fucking high" became "flying high".

The next thing you know, "shit" is as bad as "fuck". Waaaaait... oh you mean it is?

What gives?!

Not too sure how censorship works here anymore. I'm pretty sure if "shit" qualifies a bad word, and the authorities want to step in and remedy the profanities 'situation' in Singapore, they don't seem to be THAT successful and have a HUGE task ahead then.

The things that primary school kids say are waaaaaaaay more advanced than that. It's appalling to hear how young children speak nowadays. Swear like a sailor, and probably on the bright and smooth path towards Ultimate Bengdom.

Not that I have anything against the United Brothers of Benghood. I mean, it's pretty cool to see your GP with a huge-ass dragon tattooed on his forearm when he takes your blood pressure readings.

Oh well... maybe it's just me. I'm still not used to this place.

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