Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shopping and relocating.

Shopping used to be my stressbuster.

But now that I'm heading home in less than 10 days, I can't afford to go shopping. My luggage!!! I don't know how I'm going to manage but I really have loads of stuff. Clothes, shoes, useless but cute things all over my apartment.

Not to mention all my mags. I can't bear to part with them. And they are so heavy despite being so small. Bloody luggage restrictions. I still havent figure out my shipping needs yet, since I have to start sorting out things I want to keep, and things I can bear to part with.

Things I need:
1) All my clothes
2) All my shoes, except for the old Nike sneakers.
3) All my cute useless things
4) My PS2
5) My notebook (!! It's my life.)
6) My "Jeux d'Enfant" dvd.
7) All the photos on the wall.
8) Some of my mags.
9) A copy of my thesis
10) Heck, a copy of all my reports.

Things I cannot part with but must leave behind:
1) All my pjs.
2) All my novels.
3) My boardgames.
4) The rest of my dvds.
5) Some of my mags.
6) The entire collection of my postcards.
7) All my dried flowers. Victor gave them to me.
8) Some of my lotions and potions. You see, I don't need 4 kinds of body lotion.
9) All my white hangers. (Yes, I'm quite anal and I like my things to be the SAME.)

So far the list looks like this. I'm pretty sure I will find some other things to add on to my luggage. =(

Sometimes I do hate relocating.

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