Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mindef's water, death and black Wednesdays.

I hate to sound all silly and illogical, but I suspect there's something wrong with MINDEF's water. Or Wednesdays in the army.

Because for 3 weeks in a row, a soldier/army guy passes away. Taken so abruptly. EVERY FREAKING WEDNESDAY.

1) Death of a Regular Serviceman (link)
Posted: 15 Jun 2005, 2300 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)
A Singapore Armed Forces regular serviceman, 2SG Ong Jia Hui, 24, was discovered missing during training in...

2) Death of a Regular Serviceman (link)
Posted: 22 Jun 2005, 1600 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)
A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regular serviceman, Second Warrant Officer (2WO) Teh Kok Lian, 39...

3) Death of a Full-Time National Serviceman (link)
Posted: 29 Jun 2005, 1600 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)
A Full-time National Serviceman, 3SG Ong Peng Ghee, 19, passed away this morning at the Singapore General ...

What the flying f*cking fish is that all about?!

I know each incident is unrelated. But someone, please, tell me something isn't wrong. Please. Say it isn't so.

Family dinner and pseudo JC Crush.

Had dinner with family tonight. Having dinner with family and friends is different. Everything tastes better.

Well, we ate at a great Chinese restaurant (Golden Century) down at Chinatown. Even Jamie Oliver eats there. So dinner had to be good.

A family friend, Uncle Chiam, brought his family along and when I saw his son, I was so shocked! Here standing before me, was a guy who looked so much like my JC crush! He's tall, boyish looking, and freaking good to look at. I refrain from using the word 'gorgeous' because people rank differently. Some ugly people appear gorgeous to some people.

Anyway, he's a spitting image of JC Crush. Couldn't stop stealing glances at him throughout the dinner. Too bad he's leaving the yacht on Friday! Otherwise I'll spend the entire time looking at him. *giggles uncontrollably*

On the other hand, what's the freaking point of looking at Pseudo JC Crush? He's only 18. =/

Exams, holidays, luggage, mismatched luggage and minimalism.

My paper is on Friday. I think I've mentioned it twice or more. But we're not keeping count here, that's not our main concern.

What's troubling me now, is that I haven't got a bag that is big enough to hold all my stuff.

I'm going away on July 1, all the way till July 9. And I have to bring at least 3-4 sets of clothes. PJs/lounging-around-but-not-shabby-like-beggar clothes and nice clothes to go out in.

In total, I need a total of 7 sets of clothing.

Currently, my Kipling bag is bursting at the seams and there're only 4.5 sets in there. I still have toiletries, sunnies, camera, phone, chargers, PS2, games, cables, another pair of shoes (maybe..) and an assorted range of stuff to lug along. I know I would have to bring a second bag.

I don't want to bring a luggage bag because it's too unglam to lug it onto a yacht. Seriously unglam.

But it is also too unglam to stroll through the airport with 2 mismatched bags. Kipling and a monogram keepall do not go well together. I want to travel light! Like those minimalistic stylo milo cool people. Like those who wear sunnies indoors.

What am I going to do??????

p.s. I sound so much like Becky Bloomwood.

Printing notes, Slate, Bush's speech and the war.

I'm not in the best of moods lately. Highly irritable. I'm going to grumble.

It's 5.15pm and I'm stuck in the school computing lab, printing notes. I've got them printed and they are somewhere in my house but when I do need them, they seem to have gone somewhere else. What a waste of time.

While waiting for the laser printer to churn out those goddamn notes, I'm reading Slate. I'm a faithful reader, but sometimes politics bore and irritate me. (I'm all of 23, and I'm reading politics?! I think I'm a little too serious for my own good.) It is as if the good people over at Slate has run of things to cover. Every now and then, there will be some writeup on the democrats and republicans. And how Bush's speech went.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Bush's Iraq speech was great on the stakes and terrible on strategy.
By Fred Kaplan

I can tell you how it went, he screwed up. In his attempt to stir up patriotism and how the war is "justified", he messed up. Because it's all hot air, and there's no end in sight. At least not when he's the President. His approval rating has gone waaaaaay down (52% disapproval), and watching Condoleezza Rice bailing him out on Meet The Press was plain torturous. Tsk!

Everytime he talks about the war, I feel like thumping him. Please don't take me for a fool and tell me grandiose ideas on how to make the world a better place by supporting your war.

The war was about WMD and ending the terror. Show me proof of the WMD and how terror was ended, and I'll vote for the Republicans. Not that I can vote.. but I'll make sure I ask my friend to. =X Then again, I don't think he gives a hoot because he thinks most candidates are just losers.

p.s. sometimes I really wonder, do people click on the links I provide to go read the articles? If not, what's the point of adding a link?

2 days till my last paper and getaway.

2 days till my last paper. My farking GPS paper.

2 days till my getaway. And I haven't even pack.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Foamy fountain, Channel 7 studio and twirly pearly belt.

I was on my merry way in the morning when I passed by Martin's Place. Guess what I saw?

The fountain/water feature was spouting foam! Just like Ngee Ann City. Not that I was at Ngee Ann City, just read it somewhere. Looks inviting. Like bubblebath. I would have hopped in, if not for the fact that it was freaking cold and it's in public. And nudity in the CBD would definitely bring me unwanted attention. Better save public baths to onsens in Japan.

Actually foam appears at this particular water feature pretty often. And it's not the first time I've seen it. Just that I finally have my camera with me to take a picture of it.

And this is the water feature in The Matrix! But I don't think anyone remembers. =/

Channel 7's studio!

It's located right in the city, and people always stand outside and peer through the glass panes.

It's nice in a way, very NBC Today show. And I like the fact that people can see inside the studios. Very interesting. And the viewers like it too, which ups the stake in the tv industry. Unlike some places, everything is so hush hush. Trying to make yourself 'look' more important?

See the crowd?

They are reporting news and stuff outside, mingling with the crowd. It's very personal. I like!

A look inside the studio.

With the camera crew, lighting equipment and whatnot.


After helping a friend move house, I went (back out) to the city with Jo. With the intention (plus hopes and dreams) of buying my "Jeux d'Enfants" dvd and Gutterflower cd. But I couldn't find it anywhere! What the flying fish... walked all over town in the rain and couldn't get what I wanted. But I got this instead!

Twirly pearly belt. Nice.

And yummy green tea red bean roll! I am going through this pastry phase now.

I can't wait to eat it!

Monday, June 27, 2005

I'll be missing you.

Listening to P Diddy's "I'll Be Missing You".

Was listening to my iPod shuffle when this track came up. Tears just well up.

It has been a week since his cremation. For the past 3 to 4 days, I thought I had recovered and made progress. But I guess I haven't. Or maybe not as much as I thought I had.

I still miss him so much. Everyday. Every minute of every day.

People tell me to move on. Live my life, for him if not for myself. I know I must move on too, but it's always easier said than done. He was supposed to be in my future but he left. I guess the road to recovery is long. Very long.

I am the biggest and weakest fool in the world. Right now, I'll just cling on to whatever I have left. Moving on is not easy. Not the least bit.

Valentine's Day 2001.

Heartbroken. Just very heartbroken.

Friday, June 24, 2005

All about dogs. Golden retrievers, Brownie and Blackie.

I realise I have a lot of dogs in my house. Check out mini cocker spaniel.

Mini golden retriever.

I have 6 mini dogs in total. Yes, I ate 6 Happy Meals to get them.

Now, I have the BIG golden retriever.

It was a present and I love it. Look at the big black nose!

What I really want, is this.

A real golden retriever. I want to take it for walks already.

Look at Brownie!

It's such a lovable pup. =)

Brownie and Blackie!

They are not really my dogs, more like Henglee's. I still love them regardless. So they are half mine. Let's not dwell on such details. They were strays and he took them in. But poor puppies.. they had gone missing and Henglee went searching for them.

And he told me, some Vietnamese people (workers from the nearby factories) had taken them and ate them! =..(

What is wrong with them!?

My poor puppies. Brownie and Blackie are gone.

Valrhona, Starbucks, Calpis and lousy Hiragana.

While I was muggin' for my exams (actually just 1 paper so far, another one to go) and dealing my urm, depression, I munched my way through this box of chocolate.

Valrhona is my kinda thing. Godiva also can... Nestle also works. Well this baby is gooooood. Not the usual toothache-inducing sweet variety of dark chocolate.

66% cocoa! Of course it's good. Whoa... Cocoa beans of Caribbean. Doesn't matter to me anyway. I just want to gorge myself with dark chocolate. Good dark chocolate, no less.

I can't sleep for the past week. Usually I need at least 10 hours of sleep and I get cranky if I get any less than that. But for the past week, I've only managed to clock on 5 hours at the most. 5 hours of fitful sleep. Or the kind of sleep when you are actually conscious the whole time.

In order to stay sane and awake, I upped the daily intake of coffee. What will I ever do without my regular dose of caffeine?

Can you see from the photo, Gloria Jean's Coffee is just opposite Starbucks? The number of cafes along this stretch of road is just amazing.

Tall mocha, latte, chai latte. I can drink this the whole day. Some people won't be able to sleep at night. I highly doubt that since I slept through most things, e.g. house alarm going off at night, thunderstorms etc. Except this week. Again, another minor detail.

Yes. Another one of those fancy schmancy Japanese drinks.

Calpis something something. My Hiragana and Katakana are crap. I get confused far too often. It tastes not too bad, though it looks a little like cloudy plain water. =/

Frivolous self, thank you, security robot, Gorillaz and Goo Goo Dolls.

It's a little difficult to go back to my usual frivolous self again, but I am trying very hard to recover. Thank you for being with me during this incredibly difficult time. I am still rather depressed but at least I have managed to look back and smile. Happy memories that no one can take from me.

Looking at my previous posts, I realised that I wrote about fallen heroes the very day he left. What a coincidence. A bad coincidence.

I didn't write much, but I read a lot during these past week. Mainly about what the news said, and what other people said. And blogs too. Something to take my mind off the incident. Anyway Japan has managed to capture my attention (ever so briefly) once more.

Japanese robots to guard shops and offices
Will alert human guards of intruders, fires, water leaks

-- Reuters Updated: 9:54 a.m. ET June 23,

They have managed to build security robots! All your AI dreams, sci-fi movies (like R2D2 protecting Senator Amidala), and Isaac Asimov's stories are becoming one step closer to reality.

Just thought you would like to know.

And I sold my Nintendo Gamecube on eBay. Bundle deal. Threw in my Super Mario Sunshine and memory card.

I didn't even touch this console much. Played the Mario game and it's really really frustrating. Got back most of my money so it's ok!

And did I mention I love this band??!


Very catchy tunes. Yeah, I'm not some cool chick with exceptional taste in music. I know that. But listening to them just makes me want to go rollerskating. Despite the glaring fact that I can't rollerskate at all. Again, minor detail.

Another band I totally love.

I heart Goo Goo Dolls.

My gawd, Johnny Rzeznik!

I still love my "Dizzy Up The Girl" album most. The most overplayed CD I own. 'Black Balloon'... I used to listen to this particular track on repeat mode. Gutterflower... can lah. Maybe because I don't have the CD, that's why I never really got into it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

brief note.

tomorrow's my first paper, and i have to admit, i haven't been able to revise much since he left. it has been exactly one week.

Jia Hui, I'll always remember you.

i'll write more when i feel better.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A letter to you.

You have really left me. Physically today. And you have no idea how much I miss you.

Everywhere I go, every thing I do, they remind me of you. Everything around me reminds me of you. I check my phone so often, half hoping that you would send me one of your sms. I can't even wash the dishes without crying because I get reminded of how you'd tickle me when I did the dishes.

You said you still loved me. I told you to stop kidding around. You said you'd show me, and tip the scales in your favour. I never told you, but I loved you too. You wanted me to bake you a chocolate cake for your birthday. I told you to "wait long long". You told me you'd show me how it should be done when my birthday comes.

Did you know I was looking forward to it, even though I didn't show it and kept telling you not to?

I never knew how much you meant to me, and how much I loved you until you're gone. You left me heartbroken. Almost beyond repair.

Someone said I have lost my soul. What a choice of words. My joy and smile have left me.

I miss you so much. I know everyone who knows you and loves you, misses you like there's no tomorrow. Especially your family.

I love you so much. Much more than we both would ever know.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you. But like everyone says, someday we'll meet again. And when that time comes, I'm going to make you your chocolate cake. And we definitely have to go get a golden retriever and name it Wolfie.

Just the way you like it.

In the meantime, just know that I'll always miss you. And I'll always love you.

More than you ever know.

Friday, June 17, 2005

To everyone who visits this space.

dear people,

i'm sorry to say that for the past 2 days, the posts got a bit weird. i lost someone very dear to me and i can't think straight. regular posts will resume as soon as i can help it.

thank you.

lotsa love,
min aka rach

editor of

still about you.

it has been hard. even for just one day.

i read about you in all the newspapers i could get. the more i read, the more real it seemed. you are indeed gone.

all the newspapers, mindef, and even your army buddies said the same thing. all our friends still can't really believe it.

i couldn't sleep last night. i didn't even cry until today. until it all sank in.

I still can't believe you are gone.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

why did you have to leave?

why did you have to leave? they found you 5 minutes later, didn't they?

why did you have to go?

you promised to take me for a spin in your new car. you promised to tell me about your new job. you said you would take me to your supper spot. you told me so many things. and now, you're gone.

i didn't believe it when she messaged me. i didn't believe it at all. i told myself it could be a mistake, and many people have similar names. it couldn't be you. you are too young to go.

i googled. i checked all the local newspaper. i checked everywhere. it was you. it was really you. even mindef said it was you.


why did you have to go?

Nicest person, heat packs, snacks, dinner and all other small gestures.

Sometimes I think Victor is just the nicest person.

He gives in to me lots(even though I tell him he doesn't. part of my plan to make him give in more often), and listens to my incessant rant everyday. Yes, I do rant everyday, about how stressed I am, what the heck is TELE3013 about, why I need a new pair of jeans, and whether I should the new tote erm, for school. I used to complain that he doesn't get me, and yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. He's great. ^____________^

My place is cold during winter and guess what he got me?

Heat packs! It's some Japanese thing, and it will keep you warm for several hours. Just put one in your pocket and you can keep your fingers from freezing when you stuff your hands in your pocket! Cute packaging too.

When I whined about NOT placing an order for Harry Potter 6, he accompanied me to Kinokuniya to order it.

Anyway I was feeling peckish and hungry earlier today, and he had just left on his merry way to get his soft drink. When he got back, he got me gummi bears, fruitips and my favourite Peanut Butter & Chocolate Creme Oreo. He just said, "I figured you are feeling peckish so I got you these. You are usually hungry by this time of the day."

My god, he has got me all sussed out!

And when dinner time came, he made me beef ravioli with shredded smoked ham in carbonara sauce.

It doesn't look appetising in this photo because it's all jumbled up, but really, it's rather tasty! He's no Iron Chef but it's very nice of him to make me dinner.

During all these years (nearly 4) he takes great care of me. He gets me my 3 meals, looks out for me, coaches me with schoolwork and takes me out when I get bored.

However the time has come for him to go home. (Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!) He's graduating this semester and he has already booked his flight home (28 July 2005).

I miss him already, even though he's near me. *Sobs*

I don't want him to go.

Wrong priorities and fallen heroes.

Everyday, we see headlines like this.

Everyday, we see people suffer like this.

Read about the article here.

I don't know, but such depressing and IMPORTANT reports of the war are being relinquished to second place in the news. To make way for sensational news such MJ not guilty, and Tom Cruise professing his unwavering love for Katie Holmes.

Why are most people more concerned about TomKat's relationship than actual sufferings of the world?

I think people do not want to hear about such depressing news, or they simply cannot be bothered with a world that seems so far far away.

All this because I watched the NBC Today show at 4am in the morning. The first thing they reported was MJ. Then "In other news, [fill in number] people died in a blast... "

It seems like they (news-people, not just the newsreaders) and us (the viewers at home) have got our priorities all wrong.

I feel sorry and sad for all the soldiers and civilians who perished, and become part of a number. A statistic.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Disney death, MJ, jumpsuits, hauntings and phantoms.

I know I know. I'm supposed to be on this *finger quoting action* hiatus but like a drug addict, I cannot stop immediately. Need to be weaned off. =X Moreover, I feel compelled to share things with people, except of course money, yummy chocs and my PS2. Those are no-no.

Anyway in today's new, a kid died after taking a ride at Disneyland/world/whatever. Read all about it, here.

I don't think it's good publicity for the Disney corporation, since the HK Disney is opening in September. I know it's not mechanical failure but we, the potential Disney visitors, ALL want to come down alive after a ride on the rollercoaster. Really. I'm too young to die.

In other (old) news, Michael Jackson is NOT guilty! Damn, no more MJ jokes. I feel kinda sympathetic towards his folks though. I mean, NO ONE wants to get embroiled in a lawsuit, especially one that says your son/daughter is a paedophile.

Michael Jackson, a free man. I know it's old news but well, he's a free man. I was actually curious about how he looked like in the orange jumpsuit. I was wondering if he was actually sentenced to jail, would he have the gall to request for Bubbles to join him. Hmmm... *ponders for a sec*

Maybe he would.

MJ (in his soft, meek and squeaky voice): Erm.. can I have Bubbles by my side for the next 20 years here with me in this jail?

Guard: Who? What? Bubbles? You don't need no bubbles in this jailhouse. No bathtub and none of your girly-smirly scented bathworks. No. Civil rights, Californian law and whatnot do not say you are entitled to bathtubs.

MJ: No sir, Bubbles is my pet chimp. He's not part of my bathworks. Yes, sometimes we take baths together...

Guard(abruptly interrupts): Chimp? You don't need no chimp. Heeeeeyy.. baths togeth.. Just drink your water and face the wall. *Gives MJ the puzzled look and back away slowly*

Me and my vivid imagination. What would I do without it.

Not for the faint-hearted. I saw this (website link) on Tomorrow and being really bored, I went to take a look.

OH MY GAWD. I'm officially freaked out, all the way in Australia by ghost stories in Singapore. And I thought I was safe. And I've had goosebumps all over while perusing the site. Brought back some eerie experiences I had while I was in Singapore.

Leave this site, I mean right now, and go look at pretty flowers should you not want to read about creepy stuff. Toodles!


Let's huddle together while I share my horror stories with all you daring people with hearts the size of lions.

In chronological order:

1) Sentosa

I really really do not like that place. We (all 4 of us) were 15 and it was QY's birthday. Her parents booked us a nice room at Rasa Sentosa so that we could stay there. During the day, we did all the tourist-y stuff and at night we went back to the room.

Because of some law, we needed an adult to be in the room since we were all legally underaged. Anyway QY's aunt came and slept, and we adjourned to the bathroom (yes, weird place. Don't ask.) to continue all our girly chats. Halfway throughout the conversation, we heard weird noises in the bathroom. The toilet was flushing on its own.

We just shot glances at each other (all sitting on the basin counter tops) and just left the bathroom without talking much. We agreed to just sleep it off and that would be that. I slept on the couch, like a log, because the twin beds were taken.

The next morning, QY and RH told me they heard noises that night. Firstly, some man was banging the door, shouting in a gruff voice, wanting to be let in. O_O
Then they also heard someone knocking the glass door from the balcony, in a gruff voice too, wanting to be let in too. O_O It couldn't be drunk people because we were several floors up. Basket, I was sleeping next to the balcony!

Horror factor (out of 5):
2 (because I was asleep)

2) My boarding school
Part 1
It was exam season, and we were mugging. V and I decided to take a short break and head downstairs to the vending machine for a drink. It's 3 blocks away but we reckoned a short walk would do us good.

We were on our way back with our drinks when I sensed someone/something behind us. Like literally behind us. The feeling is inexplicable, and your heart pounds like it's trying to pound its way out. Anyway I was creeped out and I slowly turned to look at V. She looked at me too, and I shifted my eyes to signal to her what was BEHIND us. She nodded slightly and we ran back to our room without looking back.

Back in the safety of our rooms, we talked. She also said she felt something behind us! Freaking hell. It just meant that I wasn't imagining things.

Horror factor:

Part 2
On another mugging night, we heard children playing outside the corridor. To any other person it would be normal but not for us. We stayed in a boarding school, and we were all teenagers so there wouldn't be any toddlers playing and scampering along the corridors. Secondly, it was 3-4am at night and I don't think any toddlers would be out THAT late at night.

We just looked at each other and again, we confirmed we were not hallucinating. We decided to sleep it away.

Horror factor:
5 (nothing scares me like innocent phantom children)

I've got a few more but those didn't really affect me because I didn't sense or see anything. But the people around me did. Futhermore they cried hysterically. O_O

With such a bad experience, I wonder how I'm going to the casinos at Sentosa in future.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just a notice to all you kind souls who visit this space.

I think I will not be posting as regularly as before from tomorrow onwards.

Exam season.

Need I say more?

Regular (read: excessive) posting will resume after July 1. Erm... then again, I'm going on a holiday the very day I finish my exams. Woohoo!!

Will blog from the middle of the sea IF I have internet access. It's all very high-tech mama-rama-mumbo-jumbo nowadays. There's such a thing called blogging using satellite phone. Techy shit stuff.

p.s. I will still post, just not on a daily basis because I really really really do not want to flop anything this semester.


You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

Hmm... somehow my magic crystal ball didn't concur with the results. It remained all cloudy and murky as usual. I don't blame my crystal ball, all that white smoke must be 'clouding' its vision. I consulted my mirror. My magic mirror, the one that hangs on the wall, said it wasn't sure since the question wasn't the usual string of questions it was used to.

"...Smart, insightful, and always a quality read."

Huh? Does writing about soft billowy skirts make my post insightful? *shrugs*

Mascara and awful accident.

I soooooooo look forward to jabbing my eyes with a mascara wand.

Yes, I have got mascara for the first time in my goddamn life. All because of InStyle magazine's L'Oreal Panoramic Curl freebie.

I have a bad feeling about this. Should you read about someone who sustain an eye injury (or go blind in an awful accident due to her vanity), I bet that someone would be me.

Watch this space.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Fab clothes and birthday wishlist captured on 1 page.

This will purely be a post on beautiful clothing. Guys will probably sleep right... about..... now.


Found this in the Glamour mag I just bought.

Fwah, I lurve this dress the moment I saw it. I love chiffon/soft billowy stuff. So nice....

Was flipping through some mags a while ago and this past issue of Vogue had some glorious stuff! I'm so glad I didn't throw away my mags.

I like the skirt. Billowy and soft. It's by Scanlan And Theodore, and it's fab.

Wah........ Oscar de la Renta. My gawd..... *hyperventilates*

The more casual version, also from de la Renta. It's wonderful... Very girly and pretty. Can lah, I can wear.

No one does tweed like Chanel. So ladylike. Can wear this to go for wedding, some dinner, or I don't know, maybe afternoon tea with the Queen.

This basically captures things I like.

  1. Cute small bag? Check.

  2. Soft billowy skirt? Check.

  3. Nice flats? Check.

  4. Nice bracelet? Check.

  5. Bright yellow bag? Check.

It's like a birthday wishlist, all captured on one page. *Swoooooooooooonss*

Damn I need a cupboard like this!

And Carolina Herrera sure does organise well. Snapped this when I was in the US. For reference, due to the renovation.

My mood brightens up immediately by looking at such wondrous, pretty things.

*over the moon*

Munchies, non-GM soy and Charmmy Kitty.

Had the munchies throughout the entire day. Just couldn't stop eating. Some of the goodies I had today.

Boysenberry swirl! MMmmmmm....

Apparently this ice cream is soy based so it's ok for lactose intolerant people to take. And it's made from non-GM soy! Sounds very healthy to me...

Pretz! This is really addictive. It's not overly sweet like the regular Pocky. It's more of the salty savoury kind of cracker. 2 packs, which I wolfed down pretty quickly. Can't stop at just a few sticks.

Anyway the following has nothing to do with food but thought I show the whole world this since it's on my desk.

Charmmy Kitty. Victor got this for me from HK. He says it's a new Hello Kitty series. Apparently, Hello Kitty got a pet kitten. =) I have an organiser, which I've used since ages ago. But a cute pocket-size datebook? I like!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Prom, homogeneous fashion, and the way of Juicy Couture.

How would you feel if you turn up at the prom in your 'special' dress, all dressed to the nines and made up like a doll, only to find another girl, god forbid other girls, dressed in the same garb?

I bet you feel unspecial. Maybe even disappointed, angry and homicidal.

We all know feeling homicidal is highly possible because school proms bring out the most vicious bitches in us. Bitchfest galore, I tell you.

"Hey biatch, have you been snooping around my laundry basket to check out my clothing? That looks something like mine."

Even in your daily life, should you bump into someone who wears similar clothes to you, you feel like shredding her clothes and wrapping her with a gunnysack.

'Copying' your style doesn't pay.

Actually I find this highly amusing. Seriously because fashion is so homogeneous now. Flip through Vogue, Glamour, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar. You will most likely find similar trends in all those mags. Does it mean they are copying each other? I don't really think so, because they ALL attend the same fashion events. So inevitably, all the fashion spreads will appear the same/similar.

Of course not the same pieces of clothing in all the mags. The same concept or IT item, say bright floral totes, will feature in all the mags because it is SUMMER in the northern hemisphere. Different mags cater to different fanbase/consumers/price range and women, being the primary consumer here, will flock to buy bright floral totes.

And many people end up having similar bright floral totes, ranging from $15 to $1999(and above).

Does it mean they are copying one another?

My point is, fashion is too homogeneous across the board. It is inevitable that people dress the same, or acquire similar tastes BUT that doesn't mean they are copying one another. They are just reading the same magazines.

It's just sad people do not recognise homogeneity.

p.s. I'm so over boleros. I haven't even got them and I got bored.

Boleros went the way of Juicy Couture and Girly bags.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pork ribs, Jap drink, creme brulee, Pokemon and Iron Chef.

The presentation is over. The semester is officially over.


*punches fist in the air*


Anyway I cooked on Thursday, as a part of my stress relief therapy thing. I couldn't really stop obsessing about the presentation, which was to take place on Friday. So I decided to cook!

*Vegetarians, you might want to look away now.*

Fwah... check it out. Authentic Cantonese steamed pork ribs. Yummy succulent steamed pork ribs.

Victor couldn't stop wolfing down this, even though the chilli stung his ulcer. Ouch.

Bought some Japanese soft drink and I thought it was supposed to taste like the Japanese melon. The packaging looked nice, metallic bottle and all.

But the taste? Erm... weird is the word.


Went to the cafe downstairs for a quick bite. Decided to get the creme brulee and man, was it good! Not overly sweet with a hint of coffee. MMMmmmmmmm....

This is not the actual photo of the creme brulee I had. The one that was served at the cafe was presented waaaaaay better. It didn't occur to me to bring my camera to the cafe and even if I did, I wouldn't take photo of it. It would be too awkward and embarassing since I was sitting opposite the cashier and tons of people were around me.

Then again, I could pretend I was some gourmet expert, tasting their food a la Iron Chef style.

"This creme brulee's texture is smooth and the caramelised toffee brings a sharp contrast in texture and taste. The layer of caramelised toffee is hard and sweet, which accentuates the slight bitterness and aroma of the coffee in the creme brulee. Each complementing each other without overpowering each other. This is good."


I love watching "Iron Chef" on tv. It's like Pokemon, instead of 2 Pokemons fighting each other ("Pikachu, I choose you!!"), 2 chefs fight each other by coming up with fantastic dishes within 60 minutes using the main ingredient of the day.

"Pikachu, I choose you!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The flamboyant host, Kaga. The Iron Chef host dressed in weird matador-esque garb. Very gameshow host.

He is also known as Chairman Kaga on the show. Drama mama.

Of course this variety show/drama will pack their arsenal with gifted chefs from Japan, each one a master in different styles of cooking. They will fight against challengers from all over Japan.

The 3 most "summoned" Iron Chefs, Chinese chef Chen Kenichi, French chef Hiroyuki Sakai and Japanese chef Rokusaburo Michiba respectively. Power chefs. Don't mess with them or they'll drown you in Mapo tofu sauce/foie gras/miso broth.

Now the Chefs don't just cook anywhere, especially not in hot, cramped and crummy kitchens. Noooo....

The Kitchen Stadium. Major cook-offs are held here.

Yummy food prepared by the Iron Chefs. So tasty!!

60 minutes to invent at least 4 dishes. This makes you wonder, how come those chefs at your local restaurants make you wait till kingdom come when you go for dinner. If the "Iron Chefs" and Challenger chefs can cook that fast, why can't all other chefs?

Maybe other chefs never graduate from cooking college.

The funny English translation and whatnot is another major drawpoint. Anyway the show is weirdly entertaining and before you know it, you will look forward to it every week.

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