Saturday, July 30, 2005

There is no hope for mankind.

Words cannot begin to describe the horror. Sheer horror.

Cake and Psycho Phil have z139.

May I present to you

Furong Jie Jie of Shanxi Province [link].

There is no hope for mankind.

I'm so bored I may just drop dead, rude people and shopaholism.

Yes. I am really that bored.

First week of school is always a walk in the park, simply because lecturers will just drone on and on about the syllabus for this semester, the assignments, the grading scheme and the course website.

And there's the fact that Victor is back in HK, comtemplating on getting a suit (about time!) for his interview at some swanky Swiss bank, UBS. It is as if our world has been disassociated. He has moved on to the next phase in life while I'm still a student.

Same goes for some girl I know. I last heard she graduated end of last year, and now I hear she's married and giving birth in October. What the flying fish!? Here I am, without a care in the world and doing the things I like at my own pace while SOME other people giving birth to babies.

Different realms.


And I know this blog/space is supposed to reflect what's going on in my head, NOT what's going on in my life. And looking back, most of the recent posts are not really about what's going on up there. Most posts are about shopping, and I feel so materialistic and shallow.


I can't sleep lately, well not till early in the morning 4-6am. And during this time, I am bored out of my skin. I've watched Jeux d'Enfant REPEATEDLY (maybe 5-6 times) everyday, and all the dvds at my place have been played to death.

As much as I want to talk to someone, there's no one for me to talk to. Unless I start that imaginary friend crap. Most people on my msn list are either Away or Busy from 3am onwards. Those UK/US people are another story altogether. They rarely reply when you message them. Actually this is not just the US/UK people, it's almost everyone. Some people just DO NOT answer your messages. Some people whom you regard as good/best pals are just too fucking busy to say 'hi' to you. Bloody miffed.

Stupid )($&^$_!5)!$+*

And Victor is convinced I have shopaholism. Don't laugh. Apparently there is such an illness. You just feel compelled to buy to feel better. And when you realise you are in debt and feel depressed, you shop more to feel 'high' again. It's like an endless cycle. Something like alcholism and drug addiction. All in the name of getting 'high'.

Do you shop too much?
Shopaholism: Human weakness or mental disease?

Experts say over-consumption is on the rise.
-- By David Futrelle, Money magazine
October 31, 2003: 10:55 AM EST

-- by Susan Quilliam,,165_655980,00.html

Lessons in human buy-ology
Rampant shopaholism is rooted in a host of sociological triggers that lead us to spend well beyond our needs

-- Vicki Haddock, Insight Staff Writer
Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lord, no.

"And if we shop til we drop, fear not -- for behold, Costco has just begun
to offer its customers value-priced caskets.

So let the holiday lights shine, let the Prada signs twinkle, the Macy's windows glimmer, the Kmart blue-light specials flash. They will beckon us and we will come, as always, moths to the flame. "

I sure hope I am not THIS ill.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hip-hop Chaucer.

Interesting news from London. A rap artist has translated some of the best known works of poet Geoffrey Chaucer into hip-hop to make them appeal to schoolchildren.

Chaucer's tales become rap songs
--By Justin Parkinson, BBC News website education reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, 28 July, 2005, 07:31 GMT 08:31 UK

His motive was good, but somehow, I find this entire "idea" very revolting.

Bastardised literature. Ugh.

Facial hair, Nudie, nice salesgirl, cheap books, and bag in eggshell blue.

Went to send off Victor today. Took the bus home from the airport and as usual, I plugged in the iPod and began people/scenery watching. One woman in particularly caught my attention. She was actually plucking facial hair on the public bus. *gasp*

I have no problems with women putting on their makeup on public transport. Some people find that revolting, especially guys. Because, makeup = the girl is so ugly she needs cosmetic help.

Well, all girls aren't created equal and all the pin-up girls ACTUALLY have makeup on them. Even then, the photos were digitally enhanced. It's just that people never witness the entire process.

Anyway, to witness the plucking of facial hair on public transport is a first. I was, and still am, in awe. Bumpy bus ride, shaky hands, glaring eyes from the rest of the world, and she could STILL go on plucking for most part of the bus ride. Wow.

If I were to do that, I would probably take out an eye or two.

Anyway I went to Bondi Junction to meet up with Jo after sending Victor off. Had to take my mind off or I'll go mad and hop onto the next flight bound for HK. I love Nudie juices!

Cute packaging and a tasty treat. Not cheap for such a small bottle of juice though.

Have always wanted to get a french manicure! Bought a french manicure pack to try at home.

Now that Victor has gone home, I can do whatever nail polish thing I want. He doesn't like it because the smell of the polish gives him a headache. Well, the toxic fumes do make me giddy too but... I don't care. Wah... my vanity knows no bounds.

We went to the Clinique counter at Myer because Jo wanted to check the gift bags. Initially we were just asking and looking around but the lady was so nice, she gave us 2 small bottles of Clinique's "Happy To Be" perfume!

I am such a sucker for freebies. In the end, Jo bought something.

Decided to go into a discounted book store for a look. And the books are freaking cheap!

I feel so ripped off buying books from Kinokuniya and Borders. Ugh...! Got myself some great reads at low low prices. Bought Jo a book! Hope she likes it.

Bondi Westfield has plenty of goodies, waiting for you to discover. Tucked into this corner was this stationery store, selling all kinds of FANTASTIC looking stationery! From Sweden I think.

If it wasn't so overtly expensive, I would have gotten this photo album. Get this, it holds about 12 photos ONLY and costs $30. What the flying fish!!!! With the number of photos I have, I need a lot of this album. =/

Checked out the website,, when I got home. And they have it in bright red too! Damn it.

Good looking, useless stuff are often freaking expensive.


Saw a bag too! It was on sale. Only AUD$99! It was original selling for AUD$199! It's a bargain.

It's the exact same one as the yellow bag on the bottom left of the picture, but in eggshell blue! Which is almost the same shade as the Tiffany & Co. paper bag! Ok, nevermind. Girls have this thing for Tiffany & Co. stuff. It's in the DNA.

I miss Victor.

Selling textbooks, light reading, carrier bags and Chris Carmack.

Since it is my last semester at school, I've decided to sell some of my textbooks. So far, only 1 has been bought. It's really a bargain, since I'm selling the books at half price.

Interested, anyone?

I should have bought 2nd hand books but the thought of using torn and tattered books with scribblings, dog-eared pages and highlighted text was such a put-off, I bought brand new ones. I know SOME people bring their books into the toilet for some 'light' reading while on the john. Gawd, I don't want fecal matter on my books!

Now, these (almost) brand new books have to go.

And because one of my books was bought, I decided to find a decent sized carrier bag to put the book in. And I realised that I have A LOT of carrier bags!!!

All these just from the past 1 year (I keep the rest in M'sia.)! Look at this. A big fat bag of carrier bags. A little appalling to think of how much money I have squandered over the past year.

Find the guy familiar?

In case you were wondering who that guy was, that's Chris Carmack! I heart Chris Carmack. I've had this paper bag for ages, waaaaay before he hit it big with The OC. He is INDEED an Abercrombie & Fitch guy.

I can't wait for The OC season 3 to start this September!

Leaving on a jetplane.

In another 13 hours, Victor's plane will take off from Sydney's Kingsford Smith International Airport.

I don't really know how I'm going to cope/react tomorrow. I hope I don't break down like a clingy madwoman at the airport.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

2.5 hours all thanks to Blogspot.

Timestamp on last post? 11.27pm.

The time is now 1.57am. And that's how long it took to write my previous post. Nearly 2.5 hours.

All thanks to Blogspot.

When I saved my draft, paragraphs disappeared. And I had to re-type everything.

Gawd, I want to choke something right now.

Guy stuff, self-censorship, Homer J. Simpson, NBA and my brother.

Ronny, a friend from thesis, says I think like a guy. I do guy stuff (Ed: sometimes).

I guess it's true.

For most parts of my life, the girls treat me as one of them. I mean, I do girly stuff MOST of the time. But when it comes to friends, I have more guy friends than girl friends.

Somehow, it's easier to talk to guys. They say what they mean, and they take what you say as EXACTLY what you mean. There's no questioning or any of that crap. But with girls, a certain amount of sensitivity (read: a lot) has to be put in. A lot of self-censorship and urm, careful choice of words involved.

Example #1
me: nice shirt.
guy: thanks! (thanks!)

me: nice dress.
girl: thanks! but nah... it's only average.. (damn I look hot in this.)

Example #2
guy: how do I look? I've been going to the gym. (how do I look?)
me: very fit lah... less flab than before. But still flabby. *laughs hysterically*

girl: how do I look? (I look freakin' hot, that's how I look. And you'd better compliment me or I'll show you that powerkick from gym.)
me: Wow, you look great! Getting fitter! *smiles warmly* (More work to go! Slimmer, definitely. Can still see some flab but... keep going! *warm smiles all around*)

Sigh... all that self-censorship and deliberate choice of words make me sound fake. I just can't state the obvious facts, or I'll be treated to some powerkicks and I wouldn't even know what hit me.

Of course this self-censorship thing only applies to semi-close friends. Close close friends whom I share everything with, won't be put through this. They tell me I have thunder thighs and I tell them they have rolls of flab like Homer J. Simpson.

Brutal brutal truth is the only way to go.


Back to the guy mentality thing. I guess it all stems from my brother. Ever since we were young, we hung out a lot. In other to have company, I watched tv with him almost all the time. From knowing nothing about NBA and WWF, I become this person who loves the game, and someone who looks forward to the whole Summer Grand Slams, Ladder Match and playoffs. And he was the one who started me on Star Wars. I couldn't even tell the order of the original trilogy. =/

Now, I know what alley-oops and lay-ups are, and I seriously love buzzer beaters. I know Naboo is not a scolding word, and Chewie is not the name of a bubblegum.

In order for us to become the close siblings that we are now, I tried try to learn what was is the "hot/in" thing in his life. Star Wars, NBA, Playstation, WWF, tennis etc. And it is this that has enabled us to "click" in the first place. We have something in common to talk about. And the fact that we came from the same junior college helps too. Now, we share everything.

And it is these interests and hobbies that makes befriending guys easier. Just mention PS2, and most guys can't stop gushing about Tekken or whatever games that float their boats. And see how their eyes brighten up when you correctly name the bounty hunter* in Star Wars.

Now that I'm stuck in Sydney with no cable, I miss my NBA playoffs and championships. I miss watching the championship matches. Especially with my brother on Saturday mornings, and sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the nail-biting Game 7.

And it was this that made me think about what started me on NBA, which slowly led to the question of what started me on my interests.

And most of it**, it was my brother.

* = there are 2 bounty hunters. Father and son. Son is a clone of the dad. Jango and Bobba Fett.
** = most of my 'guy' interests.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

School, wool socks, Robert, accent, Singlish and PCK.

I am so bored.

School has started and it has killed whatever joy the holidays had brought me. No joy left. Nada. And the fact that Victor is leaving in 2 days' time doesn't help at all.

Bought wool socks for this bloody winter, just so I can be vain and wear skirts out into the harsh cold. Sick of wearing jeans for 3 consecutive months (or longer). When I tried it at home, it made my legs itch. Tsk.

I am just so vain. So so vain.


Robert, my friend from New Jersey, finally called me after so many goddamn years. He says that I am doing that British thing to death when I speak. Especially when I use words like "precisely". And this was followed by his impersonation of The Sorting Hat, yelling "Hufflepuff!!!" into my ears, because Harry Potter stuff is clearly British (long story). He finds it hilarious that such a retarded name is the name of a house in a school.

rob: i have come to the conclusion that your accent is more than just slightly british, it kind of encompasses all of western europe :P

me: urm.

rob: a little british, a little dutch, a little german

me: urm where does the dutch come in? and the german?

rob: it all depends on the word u say. i havent quite nailed down a pattern

rob; i'd even throw in austrian, and scandinavian. sure, norwegian, swedish, and danish...why not? :)

rob: its not a bad thing, so dont feel offended. its pretty cool because its so unique

me: i know

me: just..... shocked.

me: not SINGLISH AH?

On another note, he is a master at Singlish. He speaks and writes Singlish, thanks to the 'exposure' mIRC gave him. And he sings the PCK 'SAR-vivor' song, which I didn't know exist till yesterday. Oh. My. God.

He finds the mish-mash that is Singlish unique and uber hilarious because he can never guess which part is Mandarin, which is Hokkien, Malay and made-up words. Especially the term "talk cock". Uncouth and never before heard in other parts of the world. And he honestly thinks that Singaporean uses the word "kopi" instead of "coffee". He asks me why Singaporeans love to substitute "moi" for "me" in any conversation, I can't come up with an answer.

When he first heard that song PCK tune, he found it comical and ridiculous. And he began to learn it so that he could amuse his friends. He thought, no one/government in their right mind would take that song seriously or make it part of the anti-SARS campaign. Boy was he wrong.

And his comments on the local culture made me wonder if that's the way foreigners see us (us = Asians, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Thai etc.). We are like a sideway freakshow to him. Maybe not a freak show. But you get the idea.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sniffer dogs, bag search in NYC, Harry and Osama, handsome Lord Voldy and trailer to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

After the 2 London bombings, you wonder how the authorities sniffer dogs work.

What Do Bombs Smell Like?
And how do they train dogs to sniff them out?

-- By Megan O'Connor
Posted Thursday, July 21, 2005, at 3:32 PM PT

Luckily, these dogs are trained differently, unlike the poor sniffer dogs for narcotics. Those dogs are actually addicted to those drugs, that's why they are so 'keen' to seek them out. =(

It's very disturbing. Poor dogs.

And the subways in NYC are not taking any chances after the 2 bombings.

Are Subway Searches Legal?
The rules for searching bags.

--By Daniel Engber
Posted Friday, July 22, 2005, at 3:54 PM PT

Civil Liberties Union says it's unconstitutional.

"The Fourth Amendment protects people from "unreasonable searches or seizures." As a general rule, the government can't search your baggage without a reason to believe you're a criminal. But according to legal precedent, a random search is acceptable if it fulfills special needs like public safety. "

So that makes subway searches legal. I asked Wenwei a few days ago if the London authorities had decided to put up x-ray machines and metal detector gates at train stations all around London. He said it's impossible because there're about 480 stations in London alone. Hmmm...

In other less important news, terrorism goes to Hogwarts!

When Harry Met Osama
Terrorism comes to Hogwarts.
-- By Julia Turner
Posted Wednesday, July 20, 2005, at 7:32 PM PT

Frankly speaking, I feel that Book 6 is a letdown. A lot of talking, a lot less action. I know it's not supposed to be a fighting/action kinda book but after reading about fantastical adventures in previous books, this one was a disappointment. Voldy didn't even appear once.

I know it's important for readers to know all about Voldy's past, to pave way for the last book. But really, I can do with less of all that dialogue and definitely less of all that pashing. More Voldy, more Voldy!

I can't wait to see Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldy this November!

Gawd he's handsome. Moody broody handsome. Even as villain Amon Goethe in Schindler's List.

And here I proudly present,

the TRAILER to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

View it here.

I think the trailer has been out for quite some time, but hey, I don't care.

Power to Voldy!

Fish Market, ferry, Greenpeace, Harbour Bridge, Opera House and The Rocks.

Was out near the Pyrmont area yesterday. Went to the Fish Market with Victor's family and after having fresh sashimi and sea food platter, we decided to head out to Circular Quay.

I suggested we took the ferry (it's a public transport here in Sydney) because it was a wonderful day. The sun was out and a cloudless sky in winter... what more could I ask for? We needed the warmth. While waiting for the ferry to arrive, I went around snapping everything around me.

This is a shot of some the buildings in the CBD.

This will be King's Wharf, besides Darling Harbour. And again, CBD in the background!

How I wish I have a place with waterfront view.

Then I saw this.

That's the Greenpeace boat! Apparently they are asking people to "Quit Coal". Nice.

Taken on the ferry.

I've managed to combine both the Sydney Harbour Bridge AND the Opera House all in one shot. They are 2 major landmarks in Sydney/Australia, so if you aren't able to come down here and see it in person, at least you can see it here. =) And it'll make you want to come down here and holiday. Which you should, so you can visit me!

A BIGGER view of the Opera House.

I took this picture of Luna Park when the ferry was approaching Milson's Point. Love the bright colors!

Luna Park is a small amusement park in the Sydney CBD area and frankly speaking, I haven't been there yet. After surviving Anaheim's Six Flags, this is kiddy ride to me. Here I go, bragging about my non-existent courage/bravery again.

Anyway the thing about Sydney's ferry service is that, it works like your regular bus service. There are different ferries to take, and each will stop at its designated spot. People like me who live across the uni have not much use for public transport, especially the train and the ferry since I can WALK across the road without much fuss. I just like to take the ferry and see the sights.

After we reached Circular Quay, we made our way to The Rocks. It is an old part of Sydney, with old hundred year old shophouses all around. And a horse-drawn carriage! Did I ever mention I want one of these should I one day ever get married? No? I want a horse-drawn carriage should I ever get hitched.

I like this place, partly because the only 24 hour pancake joint (Pancake On The Rocks) is here. Everything is so old and rustic, it's like a trip back to the past. Not to mention small dingy cafes tucked into every corner, and aroma of pastries and coffee waft through the streets. Well that's if you have a keen sense of smell.

Visited the market and bought these! They are cute.

2 tiny clay koalas in a bottle.

How they managed to do this, I do not know.

The Rocks Market is held every weekend and you can get small fun handmade (mostly) knickknacks here. I bought some handicraft materials because I was going through a "Make presents for friends" phase. Now, I have to think what I'm going to do with those material. And how NOT to lose them around the house should I decide to make something out of them.

p.s. This is like a tourist-y entry! Must have done too much of that tour guide thing.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Sale, Levi's jeans, Chloe chiffon dress, heels and flats.

Has been going out almost everyday for the past 10 days at least. Shops, shops everywhere but not a thing to buy. Actually, there are a few things to buy and I did buy something. Nothing fancy, just necessities.

I'm trying to do the Zen thing and distract myself from wants, discerning between NEEDS and WANTS. Because, since I don't have a few million dollars idling in my bank account, I have to do this thing called "cut back". I'm not a trust fund kid as well. However, the word "SALE" is wrecking havoc during this attempted Zen period.

I think I need a new pair of jeans because my favourite one has expanded by at least one size. After all that washing, wear and tear etc. It's slouching too low, and it's not clinging to places where it is supposed to. And it makes me look as if I have a saggy ass. Which is totally not true.

I went into Levi's and tried on the 509, because it looked good in the window. And I want something slim fit, so that it'll cling onto me for dear life. Little did I know, this thing DOES cling.

I went for my regular size and it looked not too bad, although it did cut off circulation to certain parts of my legs. Decided to try on another pair for size and boy do I regret trying on slim fit jeans. I had a hard time peeling it off my legs.

Decided to go to the Levi's website and do my research before venturing into the scary jeans territory. I do not want to peel off another pair of jeans from my legs anymore.

This looks good. Superlow boot cut 518. And I hope my legs look as slim and long as hers!

And I came across this fabulous dress while doing my 'research'. Chloe's chiffon dress.

I love chiffon. Especially when the skirt swishes around when you walk. It has this 'romantic' thing going on.

I have only a few dresses (read: 2). It's hard to get dresses since European dresses are too long for Asians. Most people are not blessed with legs that go on forever. And though I'm not a pygmy, I fear this dress will go from a knee-length one to a full-length one.

And I can't wear heels for nuts. It hurts. It deforms your damn feet though the effect of lengthening your gams is priceless. And people DO fall over, even Naomi Campbell, the seasoned catwalk model.

I am but a mere mortal.

Simple fuss-free girls like me prefer flats.

Callous remarks, lack of respect, insulted and a girl caught in between.

Sometimes, people's callous remarks can be very hurtful and insulting. They think it's JUST a harmless remark. However when you add up all the years of hearing such name-calling from people/friends around you, you can't help but feel that they are insensitive.

It's never JUST a harmless remark.

I have gone out with Victor for nearly 4 years. And he's from HK. When people know that he's from HK, they refer to him as Honkytonk/Hongkie. It's really rude to make fun of someone's nationality. After 4 years, they still call him Hongkie/Honkytonk when they perfectly know his name is Victor. What's up with that?

"Eh, you are still going out with that hongkie?"

"So how does dating a honkytonk man feel?"

"Wah, you're establishing international relations with various countries ah. Dating people from different countries..."

Yes, I'm still going out with Victor. And dating someone from another country is great, since our upbringing are so different. And yes, I'm establishng international relations, if that's what dating a foreigner means.

I really feel exasperated by this. After 4 years, people can't refer to him by his name. I know people are being friendly and they think that being the close friends that we are, these small things shouldn't matter. People who read this might think I'm being petty. But seriously, I feel sad that people do not respect my boyfriend of 4 years.


And I think, sometimes people forget I'm a foreigner too. I'm not a Singaporean, despite being educated there since primary school, all the way to jc. Most of my friends are Singaporean, with the exception of some who are M'sians studying in Singapore like me.

I do not know much about Malaysia, since I only go home to eat and relax around my family. I know the Singapore (and Australian) streets better than I know Malaysia's. When I first entered uni, I didn't know which society I should join. The Singapore Students Association, or the Malaysian Students Association. I feel like I'm a citizen of nowhere.

When people ask me when I am from, I don't really know what to tell them. If I say I'm Malaysian and they start telling me all the Malaysian stuff (e.g. places, people, food etc.), I wouldn't know what they are talking about. If I tell people I'm from Singapore, that would be a lie. I would be a sellout. But then again, it's the place I know. So what am I supposed to say?

And throughout my schooling in Singapore, I endured numerous jokes about my nationality. Primary school was alright, because those were the days when no one cared about anything. But from secondary school onwards, people made "funny" remarks about how backward Malaysia is, calling it Matland, calling me names etc. "All in the name of good fun."

I smiled the entire time.

A home that I'm not close to, is being insulted. All in the name of good fun. Nonetheless, has it occured to people that it is STILL my home?

A place where I literally grew up in, was making fun of my home. It does not feel good to be caught in between.

What is it with making fun of Malaysia and its people? Is it just because you can? Sure, it might not as 'clean' as your country. It may not have all the infrastructures that your country has. And it's government may not be like yours.

But it is STILL somebody's home.

How would you feel if someone make fun of your home country?

How would you feel if your friends make fun of your home country?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

London bombing 2.

I was about to write about some personal stuff today, but I shall leave that for another day.

Right now, I want to talk about the fucking terrorists.

Those asswipes bombed the London underground again. 4 bombs went off. And police suspected one of the cowards ran to hide in the nearby University College Hospital, to hide or something. They have now cordoned off the building to search.

Internal memo: Look for guy with wires in jacket.

My dearest friend's gf is a doctor there. And she's uncontactable.

I hope she's alright.

To them fucking cowardly terrorists, you better run and you better wish you were dead because when I do get you, I'm going to tear you limb from limb. And you wish you died before you met me, you pathetic piece of human waste.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Going out, Victor's leaving and I'm lonely.

I've been going out almost everyday since Victor's family arrived.

I didn't do anything much, besides eating and being a tour guide, bringing them around. I don't believe I'm saying this, but, window shopping is getting very boring.

I'm so worn out, both physically and mentally, that I haven't even finish reading Harry Potter. This was previously not humanly possible, because I would just plonk myself onto the most comfy seat in the house (read: bed) and read the whole day. No time...

Then again, it's Victor's last week in Sydney till Sept, when he comes back for his convocation. I don't want him to go! =..( Freaking depressing. Which is why I don't mind going out with him almost everyday. Just want to spend our 'last' days in Sydney together.

No one to buy me Big Breakfast every morning (almost) anymore. No one to go to the cafe with for breakfast. No one to take care of me. No one to nag me to study and not go shopping. No one to accompany me 24/7 anymore.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Wizard alley, Harry Potter and cute top.

Went to the city to collect my Harry Potter from Kinokuniya. Of course, I wouldn't waste my trip to the city without visiting the stores in the city.

When I was walking along Pitt Street (where all the shopping is at in the city), bookstores were having a Harry Potter day. Angus & Robertson (a bookstore) became Wizard Alley.

Dumbledore was out to pimp the new book.

I saw Hagrid but wasn't fast enough to take a picture of him.

Of course, what would the Harry Potter affair be without Harry Potter?

Of course, what would the Harry Potter affair be without Harry Potter? He's quite cute actually. Charming boy, that boy is. Snapped here with Hermione and Snape (I think).

My copy!

And what would be a better way to end a trip to the city? With a cute purchase, of course!

Don't you think it's pretty??

It's coral in color. Well, coral is a little bit of orange and pink. I saw it, grabbed it, tried it in 2 colors and decided I needed it. I swore to Victor I won't shop for the next semester when I paid for this at the counter. He doesn't really approve of spending on frivolous stuff. Well, I won't shop MUCH.

Friday, July 15, 2005

My vacation, Blue Mountains, migrating whales and dolphins.

My brother sms-ed me not too long ago, all the way from Malaysia.

"Jie, don't buy Harry Potter tomorrow. I ordered."

Basket, I ordered too. And when I thought AUD$28 is cheap (because the retail price is $45), Malaysia is selling it for RM45. What the flying fish...


And here I am, trying to write about a vacation that took place about 2 weeks ago.

This is a cozy little restaurant at Blue Mountains where I had lunch.

I like the colors and the ambient of the place so I took a picture of the place. I like the 2 big pots of dried bamboo at the sides. They seemed to anchor and provide focus to the place. Haha.. trying to sound like a interior decor pro. Tsk! Anyway I looked like a fool taking photos in a restaurant. =(

Taken at Blue Mountains. This is somewhere near the Three Sisters, I think.

Me, Victor and Bro. And I'm so hidden in the shadows....

Now, this is how the Three Sisters came about. Not sure if the picture will be big enough to actually read the words on it.

After taking my family around Sydney for a couple of days, we set sail for Cairns.

And boy do I regret not bringing my bathers when the day looked as beautiful as this.

Foamy foamy waves. If only we stopped for some jetskiing.

Beautiful sunset at sea. Feels like sailing into paradise.

Well you don't really see any exciting things at sea. It's always sea, clouds, waves, and maybe land if you are lucky.

This trip, I saw migrating whales and schools of dolphins though. Marvellous. It's nothing like the movie Free Willy, trust me on that. No jumps, no swimming up close. Australian law actually forbids boats to go within 200m of a whale. So the most you see, is just a hump rising out of water and spouting water. That's all I saw anyway.

Dolphin is another story. They are very friendly, jumping alongside the yacht. I tried to take pictures of dolphins jumping in mid air, but due to slow reaction time and lousy camera, all I caught was the splash. Bah!!!

Actually I have more photos of the sea, sun, clouds and random islands (the Whitsundays). But they look the same to me, and boring, so I can't be bothered to post them up.

And here's a shot of the marina at Cairns when we were approaching to berth!

I have tons of photos with my brother, and due to technical reasons that are too embarassing to announce to the world, I can only get them at the end of the month.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

In less than 12 hours, the doors at Kinokuniya (and major bookstores worldwide) will open wide to the throngs of crazed fans for the sale of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Better pack my confirmation slip.

The current Pope disapproves of it,

Report: Pope disapproves of Harry Potter
Excerpts from letters claim books ‘distort Christianity’

-- Reuters,
Updated: 5:45 p.m. ET July 13, 2005

Canada has printed Harry Potter 6 from recycled paper,

Made in Canada: Potter on 100% recycled paper
Forest activists urge U.S. fans to buy Canadian version online

-- By Miguel Llanos, Reporter, MSNBC
Updated: 7:28 p.m. ET July 14, 2005

Harry Potter retailers spark price war,

Harry Potter retailers spark price war
Booksellers dabble in the dark arts to ensure their piece of the Potter pie

-- Associated Press
Updated: 5:00 p.m. ET July 14, 2005

a store in US accidentally sold it before the official date,

N.Y. store accidentally sells new Potter book
Customer vows to return it although stepson admitted reading two pages

-- Associated Press
Updated: 7:47 a.m. ET July 13, 2005

and the world is waiting impatiently for the launch.

Very often, it is the wait before the impending launch that seems the longest. I can wait 2 years, but I can't wait 2 minutes in queue for coffee, much less 11+ hours for Harry Potter 6.

p.s. Has anyone realise that all things underlined are actual links to articles/websites somewhere?

Messy apartment, paper carrier bags, yumcha, new bag, Hello Kitty and Rocklea Road.

The state of my table, which actually says a lot about the rest of the apartment. Since I left for vacation the very day after my last paper (approximately 30 min later), my house is now in a HUGE mess.

Papers, books, notebook, bags and now my luggage and recent conquests(yes!!) purchases are strewn all over the place. I have some major tidying up to do.

FCUK has a very nice carrier bag this season!

Kookai and Sportsgirl always have the SAME carrier bags. I like nice paper carrier bags. There is this thing about boxy sturdy carrier bags that makes it so appealing. Especially if the store ties the string together with ribbons instead of putting a sticker to close the bag. Makes you feel as if your purchase is more precious than it already (or actually) is.


Victor's family arrived from HK last night, and today I went out with the entire clan. We went yumcha, which is actually wolfing enjoying dimsum. Even if we did wolf down dimsums, I would be the one doing the wolfing. =/ In some places, people say yumcha and some say dimsum. I say yumcha. And it's full of yum.

Singaporean and Malaysian yumcha are bollocks compared to this. This is authentic Hong Kong dimsum. Yes, my family comes to Sydney and goes for yumchas almost every other day because it is uber tasty.

Scallop gao (dumpling)! I discovered the existence of scallop 'gao' here in Sydney. You get 'har gao' (prawn dumplings) at most places, and with microscopic portions of prawns at that. Here in Sydney, you get full sized prawn/scallop inside. Mmmmm... More variety too. Plenty of other 'gaos' available. Tasty BBQ pork ribs and smooth tau hway (beancurd dessert).

I brought my new bag out (from Sportgirl) today!

Cheap and good. =)

Victor's sister knew about Hello Kitty and I (Hello Kitty and I go waaaaay back) and got me this from HK MacDonald's! So sweet of her.

Apparently Hello Kitty has a pineapple body. Thank goodness I remembered to bring the gifts I got for them from the US. Phew... would be rather awkward if I forgot and showed up empty-handed.

Passed by Darrell Lea today. Victor's family has the hots for Rocklea Road. So do I.

This is a new flavour. Instead of regular milk chocolate, we now have DARK chocolate Rocklea Road! For people who don't know what this is, it is FLUFFY marshmallow block drenched in dark chocolate with a generous sprinkle of peanut bits all over.

A side view of the chocolate block full of chocolatey goodness.

See that marshmallow?

Altogether now,


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