Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Little Turtle Dove (who lost me at 'O').

The Little Turtle Dove

O can't you see yon little turtle dove
Sitting under the mulberry tree?
See how that she doth mourn for her true love:
And I shall mourn for thee, my dear,
And I shall mourn for thee.

O fare thee well, my little turtle dove,
And fare thee well for a-while;
But though I go I'll surely come again,
If I go ten thousand mile, my dear,
If I go ten thousand mile.

Ten thousand mile is very far away,
For you to return to me,
You leave me here to lament, and well-a-day!
My tears you will not see, my love,
My tears you will not see.

The crow that's black, my little turtle dove,
Shall change its colour white;
Before I'm false to the maiden I love,
The noon-day shall be night, my dear,
The noon-day shall be night.

The hills shall fly, my little turtle dove,
The roaring billows burn,
Before my heart shall suffer me to fail,
Or I a traitor turn, my dear,
Or I a traitor turn.


Friday, December 22, 2006

I am so broke.

Monday blues shopping.

"Just because it's Gap" shopping.

Christmas "I have to give presents because someone else gave me something" shopping.

Remind me a bit, why am I so broke?!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

iWant, iGot and swept off my feet.

iWant = iGot

A postcard all the way from Paris!

I am soooo swept off my feet.

This is all very sweet and thoughtful. I am convinced once again I have fantastic taste in men. Hehehe

It is the little things that make me happy. And I'm so so so happy right now! ^________^

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

iPods and walking one block in the rain.

Got J his iPods today.

Yup.. iPods. Plural. Because the engineer onboard asked him to help him get one too. This little piece of plastic heaven costs almost twice as much in Europe!

I promised to get him the black one and it was sold out at the Apple store. Fuggedy fug fug. I wasn't about to settle for second best. So I walked IN THE RAIN to the next shop that sells iPods ONE BLOCK AWAY.

And yes I got the black one as I had promised.

Mission accomplished!

So sleek. So yummy. So puuuuuuuurty.

Cheerful, hormonal, cynic, self preservation and trust.

Despite life consisting of very very mundane things, I feel slightly more cheerful than before.

I still don't really know why I was feeling so bad previously. I could be seriously hormonal and PMS-ing 24/7 for an indefinite period of time, things could be going badly, I was feeling more insecure than all my 25 years (I'm what?! Fuggedy fug fug!) put together, or life just sucked more than usual.

It could any of these, or all of them hitting me like a ton of bricks. I still have no idea.

Recently I said something to a close friend, sort of "came out of the closet" (finally I can use the gay remark, somewhere) about me being deeply cynical, skeptical and insecure. I guess people just do not see that beneath the crazy girl with a thing for Hello Kitty (she weighs exactly 3 red apples) lurks a very very skeptical person.

-- My love for Hello Kitty runs deep.

From a very bad past experience, people I trusted turned against me or did things that disappointed and hurt me. People learn from experiences, and that's how the thick protective hide/shell/armour came about. I hardly tell anyone about my family, problems or anything of that nature, because god knows who will use all these information to stab you in the back.

I am skeptical like that. You can never be sure of why some people get close to you. It is best that you remain or appear normal, a cookie cutter clone just like EVERYONE ELSE.

-- Which cookie are you?

Even in relationships I remain reserved. Sure, guys profess their undying love, promise the moon and swear on their own mothers' graves that the 2 of you will live happily ever after. Everyone swoons.

Everyone wants a happy ending, but words are just.. words. Nothing more, nothing less. You just learn that everytime someone whom you love fails you, everything that he promised you is just utter rubbish.

-- Utter rubbish

I just think, if he really does love you "till the end of time" and promises to love you "forever and ever, babe" why the hell is he screwing your friend? There's no better way to say "I love you" by proving you are willing to jump my friend? Sex is no accident.

So as much as I want to believe someone, it takes lots and lots of time. In relationships I am Jekyll and Hyde. I adopt a dual personality. A side of me enjoys and revels in all the lovey dovey intoxicating fun. The other side is just hovering somewhere in the background, making notes and passing judgement and always ready to pull the fun-loving side back to safety. I sit on the fence for pretty long to observe and I'll probably inch a little on the fence towards the guy only if I am somewhat convinced.

I call it self preservation.

Some people call it untrusting. I can't help it. If you want me to believe you, prove it.

p.s. Everyday you know me a little better, don't you?

p.p.s. I just realised I wrote NOTHING about why I am cheerful. I really digress, don't I?

Happy, looking a million bucks, cosmic forces and Christmas shopping.

I think I'm happy.

Yeah, I am.

Work sucks as usual, weather is a pain and life is boring as usual. It has been raining non-stop for almost a week and my washing just doesn't dry. I like my clothes left out in the sun till they are dry and crispy.

Damp clothes = no clothes = more shopping? I can work with that. (Well, technically I can't. I'm broke and there are still 2 more weeks to go till the next paycheck.)

Moreover I'm working early shift this week and the fecking rain just will not go away. I wore my luxe cream sily shirt, black piped pants and black patent flats today. And I thought, god I am looking put-together a million bucks today.

But fuck, it's raining and I'm not going to take public transport, get drenched on the way to work while muddy water stains the hem of my pants and arrive looking like I drowned out there. Sod it all, I took a cab to work, arriving at my office still warm and dry and still looking a million bucks with nary a drop of fecking rain on me.

So yeah, I feel good... nananana na. And broke.

The cosmic forces must be working overtime because I actually don't feel murderous towards Dim Bulb. He is leaving tomorrow and has thwarted my "urgent leave" to "handle some family matters" (read: quick getaway to Beijing, China). I'm really cool with this. It shocks me too.

J will be working through the holidays so I'll be stuck here alone. And like I've said, the cosmis forces are in play. I am actually coping with spending the holidays without J around. I'm not pissy or bawling my eyes out, stomping my feet insisting that he flies back right this instant. I'm going with the "I'm such an angel for being so understanding" flow of things.


The planets of the solar system or the moons of Saturn must be aligned due to some wondrous miracle that happens every few gazillion years because I got to chat with J for the past 2 days. Not the usual 5 minutes "How's you.. Miss you but I got to go do _______" conversations. But the kind of that goes on for hours. The kind we used to have before he left for this job. So yeah, I'm a happy camper.

(Some people just dismiss it as yet another chat, but long distance relationships are hard. Plus unreliable wireless broadband, different time zones, prepaid mobile phone with no credit, him being out at sea for god knows how long and being around all the drop dead gorgeous socialites in the world do not help.

Trust me, I would have yank out my hair in frustration if not for my good sense.)

Will go Christmas shopping for J later. I know what I'll be getting him because I already mailed it. This is his present from him to him, in our true blue classic gifting style that hardly anyone else has perfected to an art but us.

Good lord, that's yummy.

p.s. Should I get the delicious apple red iPod nano, or just plonk all my remaining cash on a snazzy iPod that I can watch something on?

Advice, people. Now's the time to hand them out "like you just don't care".

p.p.s Lots of little singalongs in this post, in'it?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Off the ledge.

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

But sometimes, I feel like this. If I step off the damn ledge, it will all be over.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Inner monologue and neurotic freakshow.

Day 1:
Why hasn't he called? I miss him. I feel like talking to him. *pouts*
Maybe he will call later.

Day 2:
Maybe he ran out of credit on his prepaid. *All mopey and pouty, down and out with nary a smile for the world*
I miss him so much I want to cry now. *Weeping silently with tears streaming down the side of her face*

Day 3:
Did his flight get delayed? Was there a freak snow storm that I didn't know about? God I hope he's ok. *frantically Google-ing snow+weather+airport+delay+Paris*
Weather is fine. No storm. I hope he's safe. Maybe his phone got stolen/lost. *trying to convince self that it is not the worst*

[2 minutes later]
Well he could have at least emailed me. *frowns and pouts with nagging thoughts swirling in her head*

[by the end of the day..]
God is he avoiding me? Why do I get this "Call failed - unsubscribed number" error when I called him?" *panicks for a second before collecting thoughts*
Did he really cancel his number? No emails. Oh god he's breaking up with me isn't he? Hang on, he's just ditching me! Oh god.. why oh why must you break my heart like this? *wailing uncontrollably, soaking pillow with tears*

[6 hours later..]
"I'm so happy to hear from you! I thought you changed your number to avoid me and you are breaking up with me!!!"
Him: "Huh???"


I am a neurotic, one-woman freakshow.

Palma post is featured, little victories and globetrotting dream back on the table.

It has been a very interesting day over in Symin-land.

Good news? I think this qualifies as one.

I wrote a post about my trip to Palma and guess what, it is featured in one of China's e-newspaper!



Hehehe... I'm actually quite proud of this. =) Feels like someone finally recognises my writing, especially my travel stories. Not to mention that it does wonders to my already-deflated ego. I'm actually confident again. I think.

Sure, only 1 reader from Guang Dong, China clicked that link that brought him/her to my post. But heck, I'm happy that the post got featured. How often does any of my stuff get featured anyway? I will take little victories like this any day.

Is it one step closer to my dream as a globetrotter, bringing glorious tidbits of factoids from all corners of the world? I sure hope so!

Maybe one day, I'll be writing from some exotic location such as British Virgin Islands, sipping my ice cold Long Island Iced Tea while getting paid to visit the place. God, life will be so good. I won't give up my day job just yet, but can you imagine my dream of being a full-time globetrotter coming true?

I will give up everything in a heartbeat.

Well, except J.

In other post-Palma but J-related news, my little garden is not doing so good. The tall green leafy bits are now limp and I don't want it to die. =(

I find it weird that here I am, staying on the 25th floor of my building (it's very high up here, I know.) and my little garden actually managed to have earthworms and snail in it. I saw the snail when I was trimming away the yellow leaves and it freaked me out.

Snail = Bad


Oh, I kept the font size for this bit small because I think writing about snails and celebrating my awesome Palma post don't really go together. But heck, I'm not going to start a new post just to rant about snails.

Laugh out loud, quiet office and trouble.

I should really stop reading 123 I Love You (http://iamgettingfat.blogspot.com) at work. Sure, it may be tea break but nothing will save me when I choke on my cuppa, snorting liquids out my nose and burst out laughing hysterically in a normally "quiet as the morgue" office.


My shoulders were shaking, my face was turning red and I swear tears were welling in my eyes from trying not to LAUGH. I should really stop reading. But I just can't.

Is it self-control that I lack? Or is it too damn good to look away? I don't know.

Friday, December 08, 2006

PS3, Final Fantasy XIII and too many games.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you "Final Fantasy XIII".

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Final Fantasy XIII

Holy smoke.

I want a PS3.

No Wii or Xbox 360 can even touch this.

Plus, everyone knows I heart Sony Playstation. My love for PS series and Square Enix's Final Fantasy runs soooo deep.

No kidding.


Final Fantasy XIII comprises of 3 games but because 1 of them is marketed as a mobile phone game, the rest of the WORLD outside Japan will not be able to participate. I won't mind, because I have 2 FF-XIII to occupy myself now.

You know, it really puts unnecessary stress on my health and mental well-being after finding out about the 2 FF-XIII games. I held my breath in awe, maybe for too long and I choked somehow. They are just too awesome.

Good lord. I have Kingdom Hearts 2 in my PS2, which I stopped after 2 hours because I don't like being treated like a 8 year old. ("Press X, then hold Y down before rotating L3 4 times to make combo. Try it!") Stupid instructions. I also have Final Fantasy XII still wrapped in plastic because I'm too lazy to start a new game.

So I have 2 games to complete, and in the meantime save up for PS3 and grab those 2 FF-XIII and start gaming all over again? How on earth will I be able to finish all these?! Will I be 30 by then??

I fear for me.

But till the console dies, or my time on God's green earth is up (whichever comes first) let the games begin!

Houston, Wii have a problem.

I will write about my preferred console for 2007-2010 (it's black in color and very expensive) or till something better comes along. Whichever is first.

Check out things NOT to do with your Wii.

Do not toast bread with Wii. Potential finger tip loss.

Wii does not backup as a parachute. Do not swallow Wii. Choking hazard.

Wiimote is not a nunchaku. You are not Bruce Lee fighting ninjas. Wii is not a hot waterbottle.

(All pictures pilfered from this flickr site.)

Of course these are made up diagrams meant to poke fun at Wii. For the real Japanese safety manual, check out this link. They are just... beyond words. The diagrams? Very retro. Very low tech, even a little crude considering that it came from the Japanese. I just call it retro.

But for now, everyone (else) loves Wii. Seriously, the motion sensored controller lets you play (some) games by reacting intuitively. Say, swing your controller like a baseball bat when you try to hit a homerun on your Baseball game. Or like a tennis racket when you are trying to serve an ace.

You get the hint.

But with great advancement comes great stupidity. Not from the inventors, but the consumers. When you think humans have come a long way compared to our primate cousin, think again.

Nintendo cautions gamers on Wii safety
Web sites report damage caused by the console's controller

-- Yuri Kageyama, Associated Press
Updated: 9:39 p.m. ET Dec. 7, 2006


"At least two Web sites have been set up to collect photos that purportedly show damage — such as broken glass and TVs — resulting from the strap coming off players as they swung around the controller, at times causing the remote to fly out of their hands."


Scrubs, Heroes and I'm so proud of him.

Scrubs Season 6 is out!

Enough said.

In other more exciting news, I found out that my friend is in a new show called Heroes [link]. He no longer plays (I think) guest roles on Scrubs anymore. He sort of has his own show now so that's very cool. I'm very happy for him.

Check out Heroes.

I must have lived under a rock for the past 6 months because the show is bulldozing its way back for Season 2 on 1 January 2007! And I just found out that the show exists 2 days ago. Blah.

The show is a bit like Lost (not plot-wise) with many characters and he's one of them. I'm going to watch Episode 1 to decide if it's any good. I am very sure it is some potent addictive stuff.

-- You rock, M-kun. ^___________^

Support my friend. Watch Heroes!

Joy to the world.

Remember I wrote about the wireless being screwy where J's at? It's fixed!

(For now..)

I never knew 1 email and 5 minutes of MSN time could make me so happy. *Huge grin*

I'm a happy camper.

Joy to the world!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Retail therapy, no bonus, shall-nots and current damage.

Because the wireless is down on J's side, all the crew can't get online and naturally I haven't heard from him in about a week. And if I'm lucky, I get a text message a day. And if I've been a really good girl, I get a short phonecall.

That's if I'm really really good.

Therefore to lift my spirits out of the abyss of depression, I try not to go straight home after work to stare at the 4 cold walls that seem to be mocking me. (Damn walls..) I have been strolling along the shopping district for the past few days and it would have been better if my role remained as a spectator, watching the world go by. Noooooo... I had to turn indulgent and become a participant, dipping my tippy toes into the shopping mecca whirlpool blackhole that sucks the living daylights out of my wallet.

Unlike most of the lucky sods out there, I'm not getting any year end bonus. I think I should stop spending like I have it.

I shall:
  • not buy more clothes just because I justify them as work clothes, and therefore "legitimate purchases"
  • not buy overpriced books from Borders just because my literary soul "needs enriching"
  • not buy any kind of clothes just because I think "I can wear them out with J when he visits me"
  • not buy any shoes just because they are approriate for work, and therefore making the "legitimate purchases" list
  • not buy cutesy useless stuff that has no functional use, like the Swarovski snowflake crystal which I thought look very pretty.

The list goes on. The current damage stands at $500.

I'm glad I have a job, but f*ck that's not the way to throw money away.

p.s. And because I bought some stuff, I'll try and squeeze some posts about them. Think of them as filler before the good posts come back.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wheel of Fortune!

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Where's Vanna White?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Spring/ Summer 2007 - Salvatore Ferragamo

After living in a world of black, white, greys and muted blues and pinks (officewear just comes in those staple fail-safe colors), a dash of color is exactly what I need to get myself out of holiday blues.

I won't be spending the holidays with J and Antibes 2006 isn't happening (Don't bring it up. Unless you want me to bawl my eyes out and "comfort" me by giving me complimentary first class SIA air tickets to France), so woe is me!

Salvatore Ferragamo's collection revolves around a handful colors. Black, white, lemon meringue yellow, shades of olive and red. But they are amazing. I'm not really into Versace/Dolce & Gabbana so a whole mish mash of colors swirled onto 1 piece of clothing isn't really my cup of tea. I don't need a Rorschach inkblot test on my clothes, albeit in more colors than Joseph's amazing technicolor dreamcoat, thank you very much.

Yellow and black make a great combo. I guess a dash of either color is the safer route to picking up this trend. You don't want to look like a bumblebee.

-- Love the combi of baby yellow and black.

I like skirts of this shape. Instantly makes you look 5 years younger. And the slingback peeptoes? Totally lustworthy.

(I've been hankering for a pair of buttery tan leather slingback peeptoes since last month. Should I get it? Xmas present to self?)

Was just thinking to myself, did she just wear a skirt as a dress? Looks like it could work!

I need a white cropped cardigan. Pronto. She looks cute! I think it offsets the floral dress a bit. The dress is pretty, but you don't want to look like your nan's curtains, do you?

Red and gold never look hotter.

Words fail me. The skirt and dress look so light, flowy and gauzy, I mean, wow.

And the perfect dress for a black and white cocktail party.

-- Jackpot!

She looks almost regal. Not so keen on the yellow heels though.

The not so perfect dress for the same black and white cocktail party.

C'mon, did the designer just go, "That's it. I'm beat. I'll just sew the leftover white cloth onto the leftover beaded black material from an evening clutch and ta-dah! Just wear it. It can pass off as a dress." ??

It was like, he just gave up.

This dress is just boring. The model is pretty, with long flowing shiny mane and awesome skinny legs. Gawd I want my hair to look like that. A brown dress is not what she needs.

It's cute. I love the bright pink with it. But it's just too... brown.

Bright pink and white? Awesome.
Bright pink and brown? Coolio, if in 1:2 ratio.
Bright pink and brown in 1:100 ratio? Not good at all.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Choice cuts, suggestions and I need your feedback.

Hi people,

I'm going to start a "The Best Read" section on the right panel on this blog. Well, not the Best Read per se, but more like choice cuts at your local deli section. Same idea. Posts that are actually worth reading. Posts I write to be exact.

I'm going to post a few links here, and please vote/comment on what you would deem as a good read. It can be funny, political, shopping-related or any of my travel stories. Whatever floats your boat.

http://symin.blogspot.com/2006/11/palma-castles-alfresco-cafes-scenic.html http://symin.blogspot.com/2006/10/office-politics-semi-overlord-dim-bulb.html

If what you see here is NOT what you like, just go through the archives and give me suggestion.

Thank you!

p.s. Chances are, I'm not going to get any feedback from ANYONE. =/

Dim Bulb, joy/woe, countdown, overworked and underpaid.

Dim Bulb just tendered his resignation at 4.30pm on 28/11/2006.

It is a monumental moment in my tenure at my current workplace, but I am not sure if I'm completely happy overjoyed about his leaving. Despite the bright and cheery sunflower yellow I chose to highlight this, I'm not sad that he's leaving, hell no. I don't even mind doing all the work because I can now do it my way at my pace, and rejoice in the days that I do not have to re-do something he has done because of his negligence.

-- Dim Bulb eats, shoots and leaves.

It is the shifts I am worried about. We rotate between 2 shifts weekly because official office hours is from 7am to 7pm, but since labour laws forbid us from working 12 hours at the workplace, we have 2 shifts that will cover the entire 12 hours. I have known of colleagues who put in more than 12 hours of work and not receiving a single thank-you or any sort of appreciation. That's another story for another day.

My point is, does it mean I have to wake up at ungodly hours and start slogging away in the office at 7am!? I will have to do everything, which I have no qualms about, but I am bit *concerned* if he would NOT do anything for the rest of the 1 month, and then bury me with all his responsibilities I have no idea of when he leaves. You know, certain jackass people do certain irresponsible things that HONORABLE people will not inflict on others.

God I hope not.

Should I be worried? Dim Bulb's last day will be 28/12/2006 and I'm not sure if I want to start a countdown till my freedom/slavery.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reflection of life and lonely people.

Just a quick one.

You know something is terribly wrong when you open up your Gmail, and you see this on the "sponsored link":


I'm not THAT lonely, am I?

Don't answer that.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Palma, castles, alfresco cafes, scenic drives and a slice of heaven.

I have been hinting about my post on my *extensive* travel and here it is!

Remember my "Alternative Birthday Bash 2006"? It was glorious.

I went to , Spain. I went to the Mediterranean for my birthday!


(We made Spain 2006!! Only J knows what I am talking about. ^________^ )

It is my first overseas holiday with my boyfriend. And it was J's birthday present to me (sort of). So I am very very very happy because I got to see him after so many months!

The trip to Palma was gruelling. It was a 18-hour flight from Singapore and I chose the midnight flight so that I could catch some shut-eye. Booked my tickets through and I must say, I am pretty impressed by the personal delivery of my air tickets.

Apparently there is no direct flight from Singapore to Palma, so I had to take the itinerary with 2 transits.

Singapore -> Frankfurt -> Barcelona -> Palma de Mallorca

I wanted to fly direct to Barcelona and the catch a domestic flight to Palma but www.zuji.com did not (corrected: still does not) offer such a route. It was ok, considering the fact that my transit time at each city was quite short.

Note to all: Try not to fly cattle class on because they do not have those tiny screens for every seat in economy class. That's right, I had no tv for the entire 13 hours from Singapore to Frankfurt. That's 26 hours of tv cold turkey in total when you consider the return trip as well.

Am I too pampered by other airlines *cough*Singapore Airlines*cough* to come to expect a few hundred tv channels from the "comfort" of my "snug" (read: cramped) economy seat?

Well I got to Palma de Mallorca safe and sound, though very tired from the extremely long and entertainment-inaedequate flights and the difference in time zones was no help at all, and boy was I glad to see J!!!

The city of Palma is beautiful.

Mallorca is an island off the south coast of mainland Spain, and Palma is a city on it. Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza (yes the party/rave paradise) belong to this group of islands called Balearic Islands. And because my blog is not exactly , I'm not going to give you the climate and history of Mallorca.

I stayed in Old Palma on Carrer del Apuntadores. It is an old part of town where all the cathedrals, castles, museums and churches are. It is also where the all the good restaurants and bars are situated. The hotel I stayed in is great. It used to be a 16th century Episcopal palace, but refurbished into a modern hip little place with a total of 19 rooms. Coolio!

-- Appearance can be very very deceiving

I like the fact that it is small and the warm hospitality is extremely welcoming, especially I don't speak a word of Spanish. Salida, entrada, gracias, adios and por favor will not get you very far. The people in the hotel knows the guests by name, and even what I like for breakfast!

Breakfast is a wide selection of buffet with fresh fruits, cheeses, pastries, hams and chorizos.

-- Yummy breakfast

I did a lot of walking in Palma and it was a great place to explore on foot. Though I am no architectural aficionado, I know beautiful buildings when I see them. The whole of Old Palma feels like a blend of buildings with heavy Catholic influences with some Islamic tinges. Not to mention the Roman side of things.

-- At a cafe at Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor is a square (among many others) in the city with cafes all around. Street performers pretending to be statues, sketch artists displaying their work and drawing portraits of happy people. And of course, the pigeons. You see pigeons at squares all over the world. Like St. Peter's in Rome and they are just EVERYWHERE.

-- My yummy lunch at a cafe at Plaza Mayor

Visited a few museums, and Palau March was one of them. It is next to 2 of the famous landmarks in Palma. I'll get to them later.

-- Palau March

In the reflection, you can see the majestic Catedral (I'm spelling it the way they spell it) that the locals fondly know it as La Seu.

And opposite the Catedral, say maybe less than 100 foot across, is a castle whereby the King of Spain stays when he visits Mallorca. How bloody cool is that?

(Again, I debated this with J. Surely ancient men likened their abodes to their ego/manhood? The ancient ruler must had been mighty pissed when his awesome castle was dwarfed by his next door neighbour, the gigantic Catedral. J and I agree that the ancient ruler must had been very pissed.)

(Oh, tapas is awesome. God I love Spanish food. And I'm pretty lucky because there's a tapas bar next to my place in Singapore. Yay!)

Did you know that Mallorcans have a local snack of roasted chestnuts?

-- A local man roasting chestnuts on Passeig de Born

Chestnuts roasted over charcoal, exactly how Asians do it. I thought that was rather surprising, since I always assumed it is a very Asian snack. Now I'm not sure if it's Asian or European. Is it a bit like how Arabic numbers were invented by Indians and it just spread like wildfire due to trade?

(I'm starting to go off tangent.)

Also visited Castel del Bellver. It is the ONLY castle in Spain that is entirely CIRCULAR in design.

I think they filled the moat with crocodiles. Hehehe.. It's just the crazy me talking. Don't believe anything about the crocs.

-- Well in the castle

The many rooms of this castle have become a museum about the city, a "church", and some other stuff that I have clearly forgotten. I think I would enjoy living there as a child, making up stories about rooms and people, and exploring the towers and dungeons. Talk about imagination overdrive.

-- Great view of the bay

This is a shot of the bay of Palma. I could even see the yacht J works on from here! Very nice.

We went driving over the weekend because J didn't have to work. I didn't drive because driving on the 'wrong' side of the road in a manual car is NOT exactly my forte.

(Note: Car rental is so expensive! Spending $250 euros on a stupid car for 2 days is really ridiculous.)

-- Windmills

Saw pretty windmills everywhere on the farms.

Visited Coves del Drac. Stalagtites and stalagmites. It has the largest underground lake in Europe. It got a bit commercialized, since the trip ended with a Venetian-esque music playing on a rowing. And a boat ride across a small bit of the lake is available. Again, very Venetian with all that rowing and classical music. Wasn't supposed to take pictures in the caves, but I sneaked one while I was on the boat.

-- Very shaky.

These caves actually said to have inspired Jules Verne's book Journey to the Centre of the Earth!

I am now experiencing both a National Geographic moment, and a literature moment.


Drove to Port d'Andratx and Porto Portals.

-- a slice of heaven at Port d'Andratx where I had my scrumptious birthday lunch.

It does look a bit like heaven, doesn't it?

We drove along the scenic route on the west of Mallorca and this place is truly breathtaking. Long winding roads, trees changing to a shade of red and gold for autumn, crisp air, cliffs that drop down into the clear blue sea. Not to mention the very very clear skies and beautiful sunset.

-- Terraced olive groves at Banyalbulfar

Anyone can take excellent photos here. =)

Mallorca is a wonderful place for a getaway. It is not a bustling metropolitan city with monstrous skyscrapers and crazy taxi drivers. It's all about the sun, sand, sea, olive groves, orange trees and unparalleled scenic drives.

-- Talk about a cafe with a view

Just perfect.

p.s. I leave out quite a bit of details in this travel post. Simply because many of them were little inside jokes and "little things" that only J and I know of. And I intend to keep it that way.

Just Google "Mallorca palma vacation" if you want to know more about the island. =)

p.p.s. I appreciate if people do not lift my photos and then claim it as their own. C'mon, I flew 18 hours there and took them. At least give me some credit for them.

Sorry state, extinction, grandma bomber, spy assassination and disturbed.

To be honest, I have to admit that the sorry state of affairs in the world is further fuelling my undying belief that humankind is doomed and we are the most incredibly stupid, egoistic and destructive species to ever walk the Earth. Actually, we scar the Earth. We are the cancer of the world.

Tell me, do you know of any other creature that places research on nuclear weapons and technology above food and shelter for the disadvantaged? Or any other creature that stockpiles weapons so that it may use it against another if the situation that will benefit it arises? Or just killing for the sake of it?

Sigh. We deserve to be extinct.

Ok, enough about how much humans suck.

When grandmothers no longer hug and kiss you like tomorrow, while bribing you with candy (while your moms clearly say no) with a twinkle in their eyes, and start doing this, something is terribly wrong.

[That is one long sentence.]

Palestinian grandmother blows self up in Gaza
Woman, 64, slightly wounds two Israeli soldiers; Hamas claims attack

-- Associated Press
Updated: 4:48 p.m. ET Nov. 23, 2006


Do people really think that blowing themselves up and blowing up other people at the same time is going to ACCOMPLISH anything? Sure, people GET IT. You are angry, but you are also very dead. More people get angry, and more of these are going to happen. No anger is going to diffuse anytime soon if you keep blowing people up.

There is truly no hope for mankind.

In other chilling news, an ex-spy got hushed up.

Poisoned Russian spy dies in London
Doctors still unable to determine what sickened, killed Litvinenko

-- Associated Press
Updated: 8:58 p.m. ET Nov. 23, 2006


This is all sounds very 007 (Movie tie-in promo thing? Ok, callous insensitive quip. I'm a cynic, remember?) to me. You have spies, cool gadgets hidden in your very expensive customised Omega watch, beautiful women strutting their stuff around you who could be assassins and explosions going on in the background all while you are sipping your martini. Shaken not stirred. Too Hollywood.

But when doctors can't figure out how you die, or what poisoned you, you start to think. It is no longer fiction and it is scary. It is now a fact that governments have secret prisons, potent poison to snuff you out without a cure in the world known to "outside" doctors.

Aren't all of you very disturbed by this?

Busy at work and travel post coming up!

Sorry guys, I have been extremely swamped at work. As you know it is the end of the year and semester for many educational institutions, and my field of work is closely related to that. Very busy. And I haven't been getting the sleep I need everyday.

Seriously I don't know how I manage to sleep 3-4 hours and slog the entire day without collapsing every now and then. And maybe dropping dead.

My *exclusive* post on my *extensive* travel is in the pipeline. It seriously took longer than I expected! It is 97% there, and I just have to upload all the necessary pictures before publishing for all the world to see. It should be up by this evening. Just give me another 10 hours (at the most, I swear) because I'm at work and my pictures are all at home. =//

In the meantime, entertain yourself with my past writings or go Google *ahem* questionable material on the web. Check back every now and then and MAYBE you'll get to read all about it earlier than expected. ;)

Of course I'm assuming there are people who read my blog. Hi Teapot!

Cheerios and wish me all the luck in the world at work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Scissor Sister and I want to be carefree and crazy.

Now for a little fun!

Scissor Sister - I don't feel like dancin'

Love the song!

I think I want to be the crazy carefree me again. Dancing butt naked like a hippy like I just don't care.


Birthday delivery and save my flowers.

Remember my swoonsome basket of flowers/plants/arrangement I received from J for my birthday?

The red blooms just died on me.

Good lord, I can't even take care of plants.

I hope they grow back.

Demons, asymmetrical fringe, shopaholic returns, slingback and December paycheck.

The weekend went past in a flash and it is Monday afternoon now.

Wasn't a pleasant weekend because I had to face my demons head on. It was something that I had to do in a matter of time, but since it was beyond my control, I had to deal with it the best that I could. So naturally, I was not in the best of moods on Sunday.

Not to mention I got myself another bad haircut with asymmetrical fringe that is just too Japanese street-fashion, too avant garde for me. Plus I'm a naturally insecure person with plummeting (corrected: fluctuating) confidence so I don't think I'm going to rock this asymmetrical fringe hairstyle at all.

-- What asymmetrical fringe looks like.

Not the best idea. Ever. I am just going to avoid people I know till it grows out.

In conclusion, not in the best of moods AT ALL.

What better way to raise my spirits than a dose of retail therapy? ^___________^

I haven't done any intensive shopping in months due to all the drama that just sap away all my precious time like hungry vacuum cleaner on steroids.

It was both frustrating and liberating. I was walking around in a mall, finally. This long awaited return to my natural habitat was both liberating and... left me disoriented. It felt a little like Homer J being plopped in the middle of Candyland. You don't know where to start!

-- "Mmmm... chocolate..."

I walked around aimlessly, simply because nothing caught my eye. It was really frustrating for someone in need of retail therapy, because here I was at the center of the busiest mall in town with the intention of dropping serious cash (ok.. maybe not serious cash because I'm still recuperating from my "travels"), and there was absolutely nothing that catches my eye.

I began to bargain with myself. "Hey maybe I can get really nice plain simple yet useful things at Muji."

-- Strawberry tea, cafe au lait and tea with milk

And naturally I got bowled over by the Japanese minimalistic fuss free packaging and bought failsafe foodstuff. Cafe au lait and tea with milk are 2 of my weaknesses. It is amazing and disturbing to watch the lactose intolerant me put myself through the queasiness and tummyaches because as I aptly (albeit sheepishly) put it, "They are very yummy."

I began to get desperate. "Maybe just a polo tshirt so I can wear it on casual Fridays." Thankfully, they all had the boring colors and boring design so I gave up on the "at least I got a polo tshirt" idea.

(Seriously, all polo tshirts are boring.)

Got my magazine and a skirt for work. Nothing exciting. The entire afternoon costed me quite a bit and it wasn't even all that therapeutic!

-- Spoils of war

The best thing was, I saw the dreamiest pair of tan leather slingback peeptoes (my dream shoe all in 1! Peeptoe and a slingback. Wow.) RIGHT AFTER I walked out of the Maxstudio (www.maxstudio.com) store.

-- An example by Marc Jacob

(The pair I saw is more grown up, in buttery tan leather with a metal buckle detail. Gawd I want that pair of shoes now. Life is much simpler when I'm materialistic and a shopaholic.)

And now I am broke, I can't buy them till my paycheck gets in at the beginning of December. And that is ignoring the blatant fact that "'Tis the season to be jolly" is synonymous to "'Tis the season to be bankrupt".

Fuggedy fug fug.

I should have just kept to my monastic "stay away from crowded places" policy.

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