Friday, January 06, 2006

Holiday, shopping dry spell, boots and stench.

I know I haven't been posting much since my "holiday". Actually this may go on for a longer time than expected because

1) Until I find a job, I'm officially still on "holiday"
2) Nothing EVER happens during my holiday

It's true. So far nothing exciting, wait make that 'nothing', happens when I'm spacin' chillin' out during my break. No hot summer crushes that's worth mentioning, no exotic holidays, no getting into trouble etc.

Nothing happens. Especially when you are stuck in a small town like JB.

Well except the fact that some guy died in the alley behind my house yesterday. Totally random, I know.

I used to post a lot of shopping-related stuff. I would love to resume that "hobby" of mine but when there's nothing in the shops that is WORTHY of my attention, I find it slightly difficult to gush about say, non-existent take-my-breath-away skirt.

Well maybe I shall write about reverse culture shock.

Ever since getting home, and hitting Orchard Road with vengeance (albeit a mild one), I've noticed a trend among Singaporean women. They wear boots.

Not that this is wrong and as much as I'm a boot lover, I will NOT wear boots in Singapore or any other country with almost 100% humidity and an average temperature of 30 degrees all year round.

Do you have any idea how HOT your feet will be?! I mean temperature wise, not fashion stakes wise. With the humidity, heat plus all the perspiration from walking all day in boots, your feet will STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN.

I don't know why. Even if the boots make me look cool and fashionable, I will give them a miss. Even if they make my legs look slim and as if they go on forever like Gisele Bundchen's, I still won't wear them in this climate.

Can you imagine the awful stench when you take the boots off?? Not a good idea if you are trying to impress your date/bf's family after wearing boots for an entire day.

Maybe I can strike a fortune by selling extra longlasting industrial strength odour eaters for boots. Not a bad idea, eh?

Oh well. Culture shock, who said it will be easy?

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