Thursday, January 05, 2006

I still miss you.

It's been quite a sad week.

His case is being reviewed and splashed all over the news. Apparently his instructors were negligent. It doesn't help to find out that someone dear to you is taken, simply because some people were just not doing their job right.

No matter the outcome of the inquiry, MINDEF will never be able to make it up to all those who love him.

Everytime I hear his name being mentioned on tv, a little part of me just breaks down. Everytime I read about his case on the papers, a little part of me dies.

It feels like I'm reliving the entire tragedy again. The logical thing to do will be to avoid listening or reading up on his case, but I just can't look away. I need to know why and how he was taken from us.

I met up with his sister and realised, we both miss him dearly. No one to crack corny jokes to us, and no one to brighten our day. No one to send me sms-es from the middle of nowhere. I realised all the things I gave him were still in his wardrobe, and his favourite scent was still the bottle of fragrance I gave him.

After half a year, it still feels like yesterday. I can't really look at the corner of my room where we used to sit for our photo.

Jia Hui, I miss you dearly.

Sometimes I just wish things didn't turn out this way.

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