Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Working wardrobe: Part 1.

After writing about my "holiday", the one that doesn't end till I get myself employed, I come to a realisation (of sorts) that I lack a working wardrobe.

Yeah I know, it's TOTALLY important that I write about this since nothing, with the
exception of world peace and the topic of renumeration, is more important than looking good at the workplace.

I need

1) shoes (spiffy and posh looking ones)
2) tops (flattering and NOT shirty bookish ones)
3) skirts (damn I love skirts.)
4) pants (headmistress-like high-waisted ones are not welcome.)
5) bags (non-flashy ones. I don't think showing up your boss in branded bags is going to score brownie points.)
6) jewellery (I'm not sure skulls and dangly disco earrings are appropriate.)
7) blazers (fitted ones only)
8) dresses (because I like 'em. It's wearing one piece instead of shirt+pants combo. Less laundry.)

Ok I can do with this one.

Good lord, that will be enough "shopping" to write about for ages.

But before I embark on the journey that is expanding the working wardrobe, I should probably work on the casual one. I feel like a misfit ever since I got back. All my decent going-out clothes seem too.. proper and put-together for a trip to the cafe or the shopping mall.

You see, I love the whole put-together look. I am not the type who wears slippers to the mall, simply because I think I look like a hobo who can't afford shoes. But sometimes when I go out with friends, I feel over-dressed. It seems like I dress nice enough to meet my in-laws, instead of a casual cafe appointment.

But... but... that's who I am!

I've tried to "lighten up" the way I dress. Tank tops (I've stocked up quite a few), casual bags, and cotton billowy skirts. I need more jeans and maybe I have to start the whole "I look like the homeless in my Havaiana slippers" thing. Even though I really HATE the damn rubber slippers.

Maybe I shouldn't even try at all. Why should I, who's comfortable in my own skin, clothes, weight, give a shit about the MASSES who are just people who pop diet pills and look like EVERY OTHER GIRL on the street?!

I'm no cookie cutter clone.

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