Friday, February 10, 2006

I have nothing to write about.

I think I have OCD.

I mean, every time I go online, there are a few things I MUST definitely do or I'll just start twitching. Well, I don't break into a twitching frenzy. It's just an irksome feeling that you get when there's something you have to do BUT you fail to accomplish.

Like washing your hands after a visit to the washroom. (Ed: I wash my hands EVERY SINGLE TIME.)
Like arranging your shoes when you take them off so that they are placed side by side and not strewn all over the goddamn place.

Tiny things like that.

Back to the OCD thing. The point is, I check the daily traffic to my blog every 5-10 minutes when I'm online. Very self-obsessed, I know.

The important thing is, my daily readership has dwindled to about 5 today. Not that it matters since I'm not making a living through this site because I would have been destitute by now.

Actually I'm not making a single penny from any avenue now. I'm officially into the "Unemployed" category.

Ahem.. calling it 'readership' is laughable since the traffic can only come from
1) Me checking my tagboard
2) 1-2 friends checking my site every month or so to see that I'm still alive
3) strangers who stumble upon this site through some weird Google search.

Now that I'm dejected about how no one gives a damn (actually not true), I've given much thought (not true again) as to what I should write about in order to bring back the mob (of 10-15).

1) Fashion/shopping-related. I'm good at shopping and wasting money. My ENTIRE CLAN can attest to that. But seriously, I don't think I can write about shopping 24/7. Firstly, it's too tiring since I will have to trawl magazines, websites and shopping malls to discover something nice.

Secondly, there are only limited number of goodies out there and frankly I wouldn't know what to drone on about should there be UGLY things for all eternity.

Thirdly, I hate the part about how much each item costs, since most of us mortals can only gaze from afar and probably not live to afford all the nice things in our lifetime.

It's too depressing.

2) My life. Being unemployed, I have nothing to write about. C'mon no one wants to hear about what time I roll out of bed and brush my teeth, what I have for lunch and how my conditioner is running out soon.

3) My family. Too personal. I don't want to bitch about my family stuff for the whole world to read about.

4) Miscellaneous. Sports, current affairs and whatever that's a hot topic right now (Brokeback Mountain, ok to air in Christian + Muslim areas? Discuss.). Ok I made the "Brokeback Mountain" one up, but I won't be surprised if there IS such a debate/ban going on right now.

I have no aptitude for sports, seriously. Neither watching nor playing. I actually fell asleep during the Clippers game at Staples Center last week. I'm just not cut out for it. Incidentally, do not buy any NBA tickets from anyone besides the folks themselves. Some fuckers company charged me double the ticket price.

The reason? "Administrative costs".

What a load of bullcrap.

And current affairs? Ahhhh.. I don't know. I just refuse to write about how conmen managed to trick people into buying rocks by telling them they possess magical powers. C'MON. Those people just lack part of the brain called "COMMONSENSE".

So there you go. Tell me if I've missed out anything.

I just have NOTHING to write about!

p.s. and by complaining about how I have NOTHING to write about, I've managed to crap out a long passage. Such is the irony.

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