Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm actually occupied.

I have a bad habit. I just can't finish writing up an entry at one go these days.

Like the Valentine's one.

I wrote it in the early morning of Valentine's Day, which in military terms, at 0024h on 14/02/2006. It is SUPPOSED (well, it is) to be a short entry, and after a couple of sentences I couldn't go on anymore because I got a case of the munchies.

I ran off to the kitchen downstairs, had tea, biscuits and some of the Chinese New Year crackers lying around the table (actually they are meant for visitors). Turned on the tv, and convinced myself I could always continue writing after my little siesta.

Apparently not.

-- not much progress

As most calendars in the world would show, it has been two days after Valentine's Day. The delay in question depends on where you are. You know, troublesome international dateline thing. Not my fault.

So anyhoo... I have a completed Valentine's post.

But things do not bode well for some of my other writings. Such as my posts on:

1) Shopping
i) How Some Clothes Do Not Fit Me
ii) Why Working Clothes Are So Ugly

2) My LA Vacation
3) My SIA Krisflyer Membership
i) How They Cheated Forgot 1000 KrisFlyer Miles of Mine and I May Miss Out On Becoming Elite Silver.

4) My Job Application
i) How Some Companies Do Not Have A "Careers" Section On Their Website
ii) How My Parents Are Asking If I Have A Job Everyday
iii) How Victor Wants Me To Ask My Parents If I Can Work In HK
iv) How troublesome it is to register at

Yeah. I have a lot going on in my life judging from the kind of posts I WANT to write. The keyword being "WANT". I would love to, but I have to find time since I usually have some small errands to run. These errands are not difficult, just that they take up a rather huge chunk of my 24 hours (of which at least 10 hours are spent snoozing) in the middle of the day. It just doesn't make sense to start my computer, type for 5 minutes before shutting down everything and get ready for Next Errand.

Ironic to hear an UNEMPLOYED person say she has no time, isn't it?

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