Sunday, February 19, 2006

My belated gift.

The silly boy is coming to visit me in April, and he's STILL thinking of what to get me for my birthday+valentine's day. My birthday was in November. We discussed this before, and the ideas he had range from the Dior dice (which sold out) to wallets.

He saw this, and thought I would love it.

A pink bag!

He said he saw the new Coach fish bag on the newspaper, but it may already be sold out. So the pink one is a safer bet.

Coach fish bag!

It's cute. But that's like carrying a mini fish tank around the place, no?

He says it would be nice for me to carry something he gets for me whenever I go out. Ironically he thinks of a bag, despite complaining about the number of bags I have. Men!

I still don't think he should get me a bag. =/

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