Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day today and the closest thing(s) I've gotten that can be even regarded as romantic are:

1) Victor sheepishly wishing me Happy Valentine's Day yesterday after I "threw a fit", whining why he just couldn't fly over from HK

2) Greatest Crush of My Lifetime giving me a tiny bag of rocks he got from a Cherokee trading post.

No flowers, no chocolates, no fancy schmancy dinners or embarassingly huge gestures of love.


I can see this happening over and over for the next few phases of my life. Small little gestures, simple dinner at home plus a DVD right after. It becomes DVD Night, ending with the two of us dozing off 20 minutes into the movie on the couch.

Probably it cannot be compared to some of the grandest efforts put up by other couples, with all the serenading, dinner, bouquets and whatnot. But nothing can be more comfortable than the "monotony" I've mentioned.

But perhaps that is the kind of Valentine's Day I like.

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