Sunday, March 05, 2006

Non-virtuoso seeking missing piano books.

I love tinkering on my piano. Whenever I'm free and the mood kicks in, I haul out some of my favourite books and play away. Of course I am never the piano virtuoso, and frankly speaking, some people will think my playing is atrocious.

Whatever the feedback, I like sitting on the little bench and playing my favourite tunes, interpreting them the way I deem fit.

Of course, 4 years of being piano-less later, I tried playing these few days. My favourite books are gone. Mom doesn't know where SHE has kept them after she tidied up the piano room. She said it was messy to see my books lying on top of the piano. But now, all my favourite pieces are gone.

It's this great sense of pity and perhaps a sense of loss that bothers me whenever my piano-playing mood kicks in. You always expect some things to be there, waiting for you. Like my piano books, just the way I always leave them on top of my piano simply because they are the only ones I will play. But one day, when they disappear, this indescribable feeling overcomes you. Things you normally don't think or care about, and now that they are gone, you lose a part yourself.

Just like how I lose my piano-playing self.

I'm not asking for much... I just want my favourite books back.

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