Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gmail, Outlook Express and downloads timing out.

I feel like causing grievous bodily harm to the next person who comes up to me and irritates the living daylight out of me.

Well, I'm usually the nice person who's not at all violent in any way. But because it's now 3.13pm, I'm getting cranky. Simply because I haven't been able to download my emails properly since 10am this morning.

Sometimes I just hate lousy internet connection.

On paper, it says that I am using ADSL and that's supposed to be a hell lot faster than prehistoric dial-up, right? But why is it acting up like a spoilt child who's been denied from the single scoop of ice-cream he so badly wants?!

[Ok, I'm not sure how that describes the situation, but it just came to my head and my fingers just typed what the brain wanted it to. Don't ask me. I have no idea too. I feel like some chocolate ice-cream now though.]

It's only a 10Mb attachment (the guy who sent this, you know who you are) and everytime Outlook Express downloads it, it times out, citing server problems, ISP problems or "long periods of inactivity".

Long periods of inactivity, my ass.

I'm pretty sure if I'm hooked up to dial-up and leaving it on to download my mail since 10am, I will be able to download the mail in its entirety by now.

-- Stupid ADSL, Outlook Express, Gmail etc...

God is probably testing my patience. I mean, if there ever is a God in the first place. He's definitely bored out of His skull and messing with me. I'm about 78% sure of that.

Mumble mumble.

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