Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just a clarification, and trying to move on.

I know my posts of late have been rather negative and worrying. It's just that I am in no mood of writing anything frivolous. And this place being my only outlet, I see no point in putting up pretenses, sounding all chirpy and happy when I feel so disappointed and depressed.

Shit has happened. And in light of recent events, I have seen who my friends are, and who are the people I can go to when I need support, help and love most. It's both sad and heartening.

Sad because people whom you thought you can count on, are not exactly there for you. Heartening, because true friends stick around, believe in you and don't question your character and integrity in times like this.

For all that, I am grateful.

This blog has evolved. It used to be about campus life, my life in Australia and the interesting sights I see. My greatest crush from college life. My friends and boyfriend. Not to mention the fact that I gush about all my shopping and latest craze simply because I cannot contain my excitement and joy.

And now, all I can think and probably write about is how much my life sucks.

I'm still unemployed. I need the money to get out of this hellhole.

And like the most frequent words of support I get (besides "delayed gratification", courtesy of Robert from NJ), "Things will look up soon. Keep your chin up and all good things in the world will come your way."

I sure hope so, my dears. I sure hope so.

In the meantime, I will try not to bitch so much about backstabbers and jackasses.

And maybe I should start writing about my diving trip, the one that Psycho Phil wants to read about. And my convocation. And my crazy adventures in the land of Da Chang Jin, kimchi, plastic surgery and DMZ.

Please keep me in all your prayers. I need all the support and love I can get.

And that includes you, God. Don't leave me here alone.

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Jiahong said...

hey symin ...

sounds like you've been through a lot the past few days, hope you somehow find a way to hang in there =)

Known you since, and you've always been a strong person to me ... though I know it can be hard when ppl you trust turn out sometimes to be backstabbers / jackasses ... makes me wonder who can we really trust in this world, ppl seem to be full o layers like an onion, only with a few that reveal their true inner selves to you. if only we could make onion rings out of the multi-layered folks, lol

i think crap happens to the best of us ba .. and every once in a while the big guy above *god if u r christian, buddha if u buddhist, or osama bin laden if you are al-qaeda) drops us a lesson to learn about life, and even though its hard we turn out to be wiser in the end.

so hang in there, you are not alone ... i'm not sure what i can do to make you feel better right atm, but i do want you to know that i'm still around /// even though we dont have time to talk as much as last time ( on icq and such, still remember you introduced me to the swatch song 'breath' xD)

talk to me if theres anything ba, i'm always ears =)

p/s: to get your mind off things even for just a lil while, watch this:

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