Sunday, April 30, 2006

Low on gas, hates guessing, lawsuit and overkill.

After my Phuket post, I sort of ran low on gas to continue writing more about my travel stories. You see, it’s just too exhausting to try and recall what I did months ago when I clearly have problem recalling what I had for lunch 2 hours ago.

Not to mention organising all the photos for the post!

I’ll just take a breather, write about really, really boring events and things you guys have no interests in before jumping headlong and labouring on my next travel story. It may take a while.

And I will like to extend a warm welcome to my 1st Iranian reader!

I don’t know how you got here, or whether you will EVER be here again after reading my tirade (or lackthereof). But, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

And yup, I did mention about the job interview I was going to on THAT afternoon (Wednesday). I am not sure how it went. Don’t roll your eyes, because if I don’t know, no one will know how ok it went. Well, besides the interviewer.

I always hate guessing what’s on the other person’s mind. My psychic powers don't really work 24/7 and sometimes they can go wrong too. Sure I may have sucked at answering questions that I have no idea about, and being the person I am, I read a lot into a person’s questions before I answer it as best as I can without the use of voodoo or threats to him/her/myself. What sort of question is, “What are your interests?”

I blinked and I asked, “Do you mean my general interests?” and after the nod, I tried my best to paint a picture of a widely traveled individual with an extensive range of hobbies. “Your interests in computing.”

Oh. God. Fuck.

Lord, I wish all this is funny.

What the heck is wrong with these guys? If you want to know that, just make your question direct. And don’t nod when you have no idea what I’m saying!

He asked about when I could start work, and expected salary. (Zippedeedoodah! He wants to hire me!) And he ended the interview by telling he would send me an application form to his company. Part of the procedure, he said. And it’s Sunday today and I haven’t seen nothing from that man. (Apparently not.)

Talk about sending mixed messages.

So I’m still very much unemployed and extremely broke.

Not very cool for someone who wants to globetrot.


In other stories happening around the world, a woman got paddled at her job! She sued and she won US$1.7 million dollars in punitive damages. Way to go, woman!

Woman spanked at work awarded $1.7 million
Alarm company employee found camaraderie-building exercise humiliating

-- Associated Press
Updated: 8:16 p.m. ET April 28, 2006

Camaraderie building exercise? Forced to wear diapers while your colleagues hurl jokes (I call that verbal abuse) at you? Seriously how is THAT going to build solidarity within the company? To break it down, it is no different from jocks having fun by harassing the geeks in school.

[I know I’m getting a little off tangent but bear with me. It’s probably the coffee talking. Yeah, I'm just finding something else to blame my abysmal writing and lack of coherent thought on.]


I’m still reading the book Masi got me. “America – A Citizen’s Guide To Democracy Inaction” by Jon Stewart.

I told you I love the guy.

And by now, everyone knows Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” is going to be screened at your local theatres on 18 May 2006. The relentless advertising, both on tv and the radio, is killing me.

“So dark the con of man.”

Yeah, all the studio execs just can't wait to milk the movie for all its worth.

Not to mention all the press coverage it is getting BEFORE the movie hits big screen. The Opus Dei wants a disclaimer added [read about it here], an official from the Vatican wants people to boycott the movie [read about it here], and radio talkshows organizing their own hunt and code cracking competitions so winners get to go visit Musee du Louvre [can't find the link].

Not to admire the majestic works of the masters. More to look at which cubicle Robert Langdon hid in.

It is overkill.

It's like Tom Cruise. I used to idolise the guy (Maverick!!).

"You can be my wingman anytime."
"You can be mine."

That has never sounded more gay. Anyhoo, after he did the whole couch-jumping, knocking up Katie Holmes (now known as Kate Holmes because Tom "I'm in control" Cruise thinks "Katie" is such a girl's name), mud-slung psychiatry and all the crazy over-the-top antics, I rather die than to watch MI:3.

It's true. There's so much bad press about him (even though it has nothing to do with me and I shouldn't really care), that I start to doubt if he's sane. I cringe when he gets on tv, and I don't think I want to sit through 2-3 hours' of him on the big screen. Just to be reminded of all that craziness.

[And yes, I do have the amazing ability to zone out and link unrelated things together.]

They say any publicity is good publicity. Sometimes, bad publicity is JUST bad publicity. End of story.


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Anonymous said...

You as the Messiah?

Just fuck off.

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