Saturday, April 22, 2006

Marriage proposals.

Before you jump to any conclusions, NO I'm not getting married and no one has popped the question yet.

[I wrote this post LAST November when I was still in Sydney. I never got around to posting it, don't know why. But with the most awesome news I got last night from my dearest soulmate in London, I think it's time this post sees the light of day.]

But if you are interested in getting me a wedding gift, fear not. Just email me and we'll work up a list. Just so that I don't get 2 toasters on THE Day. It's not happening yet so you have plenty of time to think about it.

Anyway I read an article on my mag which was on the topic of marriage proposals. Most people imagine that it will be all the romantic stuff they watch on tv.

The romantic dinner where you 2 look all dressy and nice. The soft violin playing in the background. The tiny box that suddenly appears on the table. Him looking at you. Getting down on one knee and giving an Oscar winning speech. You nodding your head and him slipping the ring on your finger.

Yes, the whole fancy schmancy show.

But it's not longer like this anymore. The question just gets asked in the most unromantic moment. Like while you are folding laundry, and he just casually looks away from the telly because the advertisement is on, TELLING you "Wanna get hitched?" or "Woman, let's make this legal."

And that's before the soccer match resumes on tv.

I have a few questions about this too. I mean, do people really buy a ring and get down on one knee in public? Because I think it's rather embarassing, for both the guy and the girl. At least that's how I would think should this happen. If the speech/serenade isn't up to scratch and you actually cringe (on the inside), should you live this down?

And the ring. Is it me, or has anyone notice that on tv, people ALWAYS get the ring in the RIGHT size and the precious stone is exactly what the girl wants? How is that remotely possible if the guy hasn't done any jewelry shopping with the woman, and at crunch time he gets the sparkler in the RIGHT size and in the RIGHT cut?

I am baffled.

Do guys have a guide book to all this? Like, "Dude, where to buy a ring?"

Or do the womenfolk secretly leave clues like, sticking a post-it flag on the magazine where the Tiffany & Co. ad is, and leaving the magazine 'innocently' next to his 'space'?

Or putting Tiffany & Co. website as their homepage?

I know the whole process kills the surprise factor, BUT would you rather say yes to an UGLY ring, than to one that you like?

"I would love to say yes. But can we swap for another ring before I do that?"

This KILLS everything. So....

Conclusion: It's better to leave clues than to get something hideous and expensive.

p.s. Looking at the little blue box just makes me so happy.

p.p.s. I'm so happy for you, Soulmate!!

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