Monday, May 08, 2006

Burn, conniving bastards.. BURN!

I get angry. I'm usually mild tempered and the kind of person who silently observes the situation and then come up with a solution without getting all ballistic. I'm probably the last hippy (without the mushroom, rainbow colors and the horrible muumuu) around. I'm that.. laidback.

But all this have sort of taken a back seat recently. I get really pissed off at jerks. And believe you me, I know the greatest jerk who ever lived personally. And 2 words to him.

Fuck off.

How would you feel if people go through your emails without your permission? How would you feel if people set up their email to DOWNLOAD all YOUR emails without you knowing? What is it to them anyway? What do you want by knowing about other people's private lives?

[We all know that Greatest Dickhead Alive is not voyeuristic by nature.]

The worst thing about all this, he reads it, twists your words and stabs you in the back with all that.

What is up with these scheming bastards anyway? Conniving scoundrels like Greatest Dickhead Alive should just fall off the face of earth, and never to be seen again.

I have never felt so invaded and provoked.

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